Friday, January 9, 2009

The Inner Goddess

I noticed this book on my friends shelf and she let me take it to read. Basically it is a tribute 'mythological' bad girls...

BV- or Before chapter in the book... how before they were invented women used instruments of the unimaginable, and still not being 'happy' gave birth to monsters that roamed the earth, eating people...but of course those monsters were killed by a hero (a man of course) who must have been pretty good in the bedroom, because he got away with it!

Domestic Goddess- definition -
* any domestic or hearth goddess
* poetically, euphemistically or ironically, a housewife or homemaker.
* Domestic Goddess (television) was a planned cooking show hosted by actress and comedian Roseanne Barr.
* Nigella Lawson has also been nicknamed the "Domestic Goddess" after publishing a cookbook entitled How to Be a Domestic Goddess.
* As of January 2004 Jennifer Hamilton from Toronto, Canada has written and maintained an award-winning food blog entitled "The Domestic Goddess" at .

Hearth Goddess- A household deity is a deity or spirit that protects the home, looking after the entire household or certain key members. It has been a common belief in pagan religions as well as in folklore across many parts of the world.

Household deities fit into two types; firstly, a specific goddess (but never a god), often referred to as a hearth goddess or domestic goddess who is associated with the home and hearth, with examples including the Greek Hestia[1] and Norse Frigg. "Domestic Goddess" can also be used as a euphemism or ironical reference to the traditional female gender role of a housewife.

My point with sharing this is...Do you have a Eternally BAD Goddess inside of you?

Not to be confused with 'domestic goddess' as I listed above, we all are that in similar ways (men included), but is there something lurking inside that comes out once in a while; takes your mind away from your current circumstances into another persona? Are you good at something that you do not get credit for?

MORGAY: Scottish, Anglo-Celtic, A harvest Goddess from the Scottish/English border. If I were to chose a Goddess from my heritage, it would have to be this one...the BAD Goddess would be 'Eternally Delightful' who would be continually infectious in telling stories that are hilarious, raunchy, and fun!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL Yup all Goddess over here :).

Debra said...

Hell yes! The 25 year old stuck in this body is so a Goddess.

BTW - I have caught my hubby reading my blog and your posts. I think it satisifies his inner

HoodChick said...

So many inner goddesses so little time.

Let's see. There the one that comes out when I combine cold medicine and alcohol. She knows everything and doesn't hesitate to give out relationship advice. To. Anyone.

The tell it like it is goddess that comes out once a month (and no, she doesn't like being called bitchy.)

The horny goddess when too much rum is involved. Wait, is there such a thing as too much rum??

The bad ass 20 something goddess that pops in and out at will, but mostly when shooting 8 ball or struting around in spanx.

Wunderwoman said...

Thanks for the Birthday song LOL

I'll make sure to toast you with a jello shot this weekend!!

Yes, there is a Goddess here too, usually the Bitchy kind (roflmao)

K said...



It's the one that develops tourette's around my really religious friends and that secretly wishes she still danced on bars every now and then (college is a bit of a blur.)

Photonuts said...

Your a hoot, sis, I would have to say when I catch people at their best moments on camera after the wine starts to dribble down their cheeks!

I got in late, call me today when you get up!

esk said...

Noooo, not me.... Heh heh...