Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 Facts About Me Game

K, passed on this fun little things from someone else...now I am making two rules...when you get tagged you have to create a link from who you were tagged by, and a link to the ones you pass it on too...that way we create more traffic, and we can follow what the 'tagged' person says! ...in a pay it forward kind of way!

You just post '7' random things about yourself that are funny, and personal! (You may copy and paste if needed!

1. My living room is an art department, but I have a way of hiding things if I have company...at least I think it is hidden, but anyone could come over and play with clay and draw...we live in a tiny condo!

2. I am meeting once a week with a friend to work on personal issues like bringing the positive energy around me, and improving myself to notice when I am passing on negative energy by complaining, and we are making a 'Vision Board', you know the guy that was on Oprah.

3. I am not a routine girl...I have trouble organizing, but before kids and sick daughter used to be so OHD about cleaning!

4. I'm not a big potty mouth these days, but I develop a form of tourettes around my super religious friends. I had a few very religious coworkers (like date a girl for 9 months and never kiss her religious) and I just couldn't help stop the wave of inappropriate remarks whenever I was near them. The harder I tried not to swear or tell dirty jokes, the worst it got. (Thanks to TMI for reminder me of this fact with a recent post.) - I loved that K said that, because I have one...but in public I do not say things at all, I am a total and 'true' good girl! Shit did I say that!

5. I love to read too, my favorite is Vampire novels, and Sci-Fi, but I read self help books to the oddest cookbooks!

I hate the library because I never got that damn Dewey Decimal system and still have to ask them where do I go...and guess what they still send me off to roam about on my own...so I like book stores, I can wander with out feeling stupid, and I went to college, lol

6. My car is a 6 speed manual. I love driving a stick because I can pretend I'm a race car driver (which I do all the time.) -I love this one K, me too!

7. I hate to wear clothes around the house...I come in the door and off comes the clothes, or these cotton gowns I love...ahhh I am my mother, but no Mo-Mo's...

I can write a lot in a day, a week, but I cannot help it, I have found random talking helps ease the stress...lol...also too many issues out there we avoid!

So there you go. A little randomness for your Tuesday Afternoon! I pass this on to Beth, and Debra...I know they will play!


Debra said...

Of course, I will play honey! I got an award on another blog that requires I do this also, so I am going to kill two birds with one stone.

P.S. you better not stop posting on my blog. I love ALL your comments and you don't do it too much at all!


Debra said...

Check out my blog. I have an award for you!

CDB said...

Just wandered over from K's blog, and this is great! Random things are often the most funny.

Jeanne said...

Just realized I wasn't following your blog. Huge oversight, sorry, now fixed.

Girl Rants said...

i did a version of this it would seem.

i love the vision board idea. i nee to do that

Beth said...

oh goodness....7 random things?

1. I cannot stand to have my fingernails painted...I always peel it off.

2. I pick at my split ends

3. I sing REALLY LOUD in the car...and dance too!

4. I have a secret crush on Doggy Bloggy!

5. I seriously think my husband is really HOT.

6. Even tho the man drives me INSANE most days and I want to smack him up side the head with an iron skillet....just saying..

7. Whenever I see someone, I think what they would be like to have sex with. Nympho? maybe...