Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's New Pussy Cat Whoa whoa whoa

Pussy cat pussy cat how are you? What is new...with me and you...whoa whoa whoa

I love dramatic entrances!

Some news...another site has gone up!

This one is for my Texas roots. Something I have wanted to do for a while. Check it out!

Cowboy Poetry Press

We will follow a 365 day submission- Open Call, print weekly, but only announce acceptance to submitters on a quarterly basis (every four months).

I started it and now other editors will do the work. Okay, I'll have lots to do, but this is for my daddy and his daddy and his daddy and so on...get along little doggies...

Okay, so I know some of you out there have some cowboy and cowgirl songs in them! Write!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moving On

I don't know where this relationship is going, but she is moving into NYC this weekend. I have enjoyed her staying with us. She loves to learn new things and speaks very good English. I'm afraid to tell her my son changes his mind more than I do. Okay, that was honesty. I look at him and wonder why is he so much like me, but maybe because he is a male he is a bit more aggressive about things.

Hopefully my time will not be taken up by these two in the future. I need quiet time and space to work again. The job has been busy, but slowed down this week, until May 3rd when I have a million requests for graduation parties and other events. Sigh. I'm happy, I'm not happy. Those out there who finally know what it's like to work in the food industry, because you wanted it so badly...knows what I have gone through the past 20+ years. It can be busy and it can be quiet.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Today. Yes, Today!

Today is the beginning of Z-composition's April- National Poetry Month Ye'ole Poetry Challenge.

Want to join? Go read the instructions and we shall see you this coming weekend!

On other news...son and open mic girl is no more. Men don't change their strips. Oh well, I called her and she is doing okay. Our relationship is unscathed...I hope. She is a sweet and sincere girl, so we move on...

And speaking of moving...check out the girl above in the shopping bag skirt in NYC. We had the opportunity to do some food snooping and stayed over for a few nights. NYC is a unique place for photo opps like this one.

Lots of other stuff going on. I am still working and getting more and more calls for more contract jobs. The word has gotten out again. About how I roll in the kitchen to table area. Things are good. Seems there has been good energy with my son living and hanging out around the house. Nothings perfect as we all know, but I'll take the good and bad life has to offer me.

Now I have to go back to my writing...hope your day is a great one and have a good week!

I'll leave you with another shopping bag skirt view...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here Is A Challenge For You!

April is National Poetry Month. Many blogs and sites are having poetry book giveaways, but Z-composition is doing something different.

They are having a journal writing by candlelight challenge for all poets.

The third week of April , Monday the first day you begin drafting your poem. By Friday the 20th you should be finished, if not you have one more day. But then you will share either on their site or your own personal sites, a finished poem. All done by hand and in candlelight just like they did in the early centuries.

Only once a year will they do this. I'm game!

How about you?

Go over and comment or email them, letting them (me) know you will be joining in! 

Z-composition's 'National Poetry Month- Create Something Together'

Oh, and their new April issue is up, so go over and read and look at the work- Z-composition Magazine

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last Week Is Long Gone

Thank goodness.

Between the family death and a few other horrors, I am glad to say I can breathe.

We went into NYC for a four day weekend and it was a blast. The walking gets me, but between a food show and blogger gathering, shopping, eating lots of great places with my son and hubs, and the food truck mile...I am refreshed!

Yay! I'm doing the Zombie Dance. Yes, Zombies dance.

Above in my photo is a writer/publisher friend who lives in NYC. He met us at Wong off Cornealia Street. He is very nice and a fun witty associate in the performance and writing groups I have attended in North Jersey and NYC. Great fun.

Oh yes, Z-composition April issue is up. Artwork is still pending permission, but looking great!