Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here Is A Challenge For You!

April is National Poetry Month. Many blogs and sites are having poetry book giveaways, but Z-composition is doing something different.

They are having a journal writing by candlelight challenge for all poets.

The third week of April , Monday the first day you begin drafting your poem. By Friday the 20th you should be finished, if not you have one more day. But then you will share either on their site or your own personal sites, a finished poem. All done by hand and in candlelight just like they did in the early centuries.

Only once a year will they do this. I'm game!

How about you?

Go over and comment or email them, letting them (me) know you will be joining in! 

Z-composition's 'National Poetry Month- Create Something Together'

Oh, and their new April issue is up, so go over and read and look at the work- Z-composition Magazine

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Anonymous said...

I tend to like the gifted but undisciplined poets best. ~Mary