Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once Upon A Plane

This is Dani. We met on the plane to Madrid. We keep in touch via social network.

He is a theater student, is trying to quit cigarettes, and came to the states to visit. He dated a girl from Montreal for a while, but now is seeing a local Madrid girl. He is funny, interesting, and has the funniest pics on his profile.

I have been playing with writing a series of poems about people I meet along the road of life. Like taking a photograph and laying it out in words. So far its working, but I have to add some more characters to the story. I am thinking about adding Dani, but he is so young. Many of the people are older, and actually have passed away. Hmmm what to do.

Hope your having a fabulous day, and enjoy Dani's pic as I do.

PS- my new laptop is up and running. I almost expect it to clean house and cook our meals, since hubs said they are faster and can do so many things. Yeah, like that is going to happen right? Hmmm...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Patrons Of The Arts

Last year I met a woman. Her name is Jamie S. She was at the Kia dealership, you know when my van broke down in the Meadow Lands in August. We began talking while they were looking over the cars, about this and that. She asked me what I was doing up north when the van broke down, and about what I did in life. We hit it off. So much that we have kept up with each other over the past year via social network and texting.

She had been asking me over and over when I was coming up that way to read again, or even to NYC. She lives just outside in Jersey suburbs, but I had not had the opportunity yet; until this past Friday night. Jamie and her daughter came out to the cafe in Jersey City. My son came with me as well to video tape the performance. It was a great night. I have to say I read with more confidence than I ever had before.

Very strong. I had looked over the work a few times to make sure there were no places I might stumble. I have at times read and messed up a few words, then you stumble more by apologizing and people will loose focus, and it falls apart. The message of the work. Jamie and C.D. (a poet mentor) felt it was a fantastic night for me, so much they said I was the best reader, and my content was the strongest. Success. Ahhh.

So much that Jamie invited me to her home (which meant I had to drive up north again, an hour one way). I said yes. The photo above is part of her back yard. She threw a garden party for me and told everyone I was giving them a performance. And I did. What she did not tell me was that they all were published writers. I got questions right and left about my publisher...and other topics.

Turns out one of the fellows host a and performs in NYC and locally (his neighborhood, and Jamie's). He suggested I join him in a improv , play writing, and a monologue class. He felt my work was worthy to take to a different venue other than open mic and poetry readings. It was a lot to absorb. I was in speech and drama in high school, and wrote plays. I so enjoyed the interaction, yesterday and when I was younger.

I realize it's a dog eat dog world out there when it comes to these kinds of things. I have to decide if I am up for it. My writing has become important to me, so why not see if others can find something in my writing that might make them think, remember, or find healing. Raphael suggested I tell the story of my experience raising a terminally ill daughter. Jessie and Bryan encouraged me to do this two years ago. My manuscript is still why not. This whole experience is liberating me from my own demise...

Oh and did I say how beautiful the houses were up north in Jamie's neighborhood. Her backyard was HUGE. Great garden party. I was glad I stopped off at Trader Joe's for some treat gifts for her. They ate the double chocolate chip cake up in a flash! Talking about food was a good ice breaker, and they started it. I felt at home.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I came home last night to find this photo on facebook. I was waiting to see if this supposed friend would post photos from her trip up here and our stay at my hubs step-mom (in the middle, supposed friend on left). Yes she did. She cut me out of the photo, added some mediocre border to hide the fact she tried to photo shop me out and tried to make her own face more attractive.

She lied to us. That is all I can say. Val and I both were in shock over the whole ordeal. My friend list is dwindling. There was no need to lie to us. We would have accepted her plans. But don't complain about not having money and go spend it like you're rolling in the dough. We felt sorry for her and opened up our homes and used our cars for taxi service.

It will take time, she and I knew each other for so many years.

Otherwise my guest speaking and reading my poetry last night in Jersey City went well. It was a great crowd and several of my Jersey friends came out to watch. Great times. I am opening myself up to traveling around and reading as much as I can. Writing is going well, and I look forward to more work being accepted in journals and ezines.

Peace to you all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who's Counting? Me!

Out of 30 + poetry and prose and flash fiction and photography submissions...

12 Poems Accepted
  1 Prose Accepted
  1 Flash Fiction Accepted
  4 Subs Rejected (may contain four to six poems)
  3 Photographs Accepted

All others still pending; more submissions going out soon (including SASE subs)

Also one of the newest acceptances took 3 poems in my 'Avocado Green Kitchen With Gold Accented Childhood' collection. This manuscript was requested as well. I need to get busy writing more. I barely have 10 prose in this collection.

I spent the past few years reading about Jessie Carty and her 'counting' submissions, and finally am building my own for the year. Last year was not so many, more of a 4-3-1 kind of success, but I am in a rhythm now. Being without a computer for a week threw me off.

I also have a few in limbo in file I am trying to find out about. Seems another journal lost my file last year which discouraged me. Rejection comes a bit easier now. Its only poetry. If you are confident about what you are doing, success will come. You don't need others to tell you if you are worthy of living and working and sharing your passions. In a manner of speaking...You are what you eat, on all accounts.

I have and will continue to live a good life.

Peace friends and family.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Knock Knock

I'm here. Crazy two weeks and my birthday have gone by.

My computer died, and I'm about to go crazy.

There is not enough time before that to learn iPad functions...hubs toy, not mine. Sigh.

 As mom Val says I'm fine with hands in the air.

New computer is in the wings, so till vie

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Word For Our Sponsor...

I would like to express my dislike for the 'New Blogger' look. I can't find anyone's post like the old version which had it all organized. Inever want to use google reads, and pooey on them for thinking this new look helps me in any way!

At least you know I come purposefully to look for and read your blogs.

Here are a few pics to go with my post about Jim Fuess and a few of his pieces of art...sprinkled with hubs and son looking on...'Art and Poetry'

When my article comes out in Lamplighter Magazine, I will also post a link...if there is one. It is a print magazine for arts, music, and culture (including poetry) in New Jersey. Not sure if I told you, but they are paying me for freelance and invited me to be a featured poet in the near future.

I also got another two acceptance emails, and one was a very nice and long email about how they have followed my poetry and feel the latest I have submitted is the very best so far. I am still humbled, because I still have much further to go in understanding it all. The work will be up after this weekend and I will post links.

Love and thank you all for your support!

Also I would like to say RIP Murphy. Call me silly, but I have only cried for a few of our pets over the years, but Farm Lady @ Over Good Ground lost a beloved goat. I will miss her post about his activities. I love goats. Always have. One day I will publish my children's story about a very special goat I spent a summer with. She would climb in my car and ride around the farm with me. Sigh.

and here is more...

...hubs and son really liked the showing.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Art and Poetry

Days go, and then go by faster and faster.

Man what rain we have been getting lately. The weather really is on again, off again. Hot, cold, and humid. Now it is chilly and rainy. Which I don't mind. I prefer chilly over humid and hot.

This weekend the family and I took a drive (and I gave them no choice) up north to an art gallery. I was asked to cover an artist we had the privilege...we? Z-composition published a wonderful artist in February's issue, Jim Fuess. His work has spanned over 38 years. Sadly he has cancer and doesn't know how long he has exactly, to live. He is showing and selling his work as much as possible. His work is splendid. Hubs and I and son saw several pieces we would love to own, but this family is not in the market anymore. If we had the house once had in Dallas, we might have purchased one.

Then, we drove to Jersey City for the Carnival Festival and for me to meet with an established and academic poet. I took a portfolio of work for him to read and discuss. We went over punctuation and other structures I have issues with. I'm always torn over form and this and that. He and I may meet again, but he felt my work was progressing, and my newer work I printed for him was very good. He told me not to worry and to just keep writing.

Here is a link to two new pieces recently published-

'I'd Rather Death By Chocolate'  (last piece on the bottom)

'Not Cowboys and Zombies'

My work appeared in another journal, but I wasn't happy with how they presented poetry. You could barely find anything after the first page. I'll just let it go. I'm going to be pickier about who I submit from now on, and have sent out quite a lot of SASE subs. Crossing my finger on those. I got one rejection, well two, but the last one, I knew why they did not take it. I have to be careful about waiting and revising a bit more.

More is coming. I am in a few print journals. One features previously published work. I had a poem a few years ago appear in a LGBT journal. You have to be really open minded to read that print journal. I'm laughing, but I read this piece at an open mic and jaw's were on the floor. Scandalous, I know!

Have a great week. I am going on a journey soon, with a friend from Texas, and my birthday is coming up. Lots to do and to write about in the next few weeks! Me time is good time.