Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once Upon A Plane

This is Dani. We met on the plane to Madrid. We keep in touch via social network.

He is a theater student, is trying to quit cigarettes, and came to the states to visit. He dated a girl from Montreal for a while, but now is seeing a local Madrid girl. He is funny, interesting, and has the funniest pics on his profile.

I have been playing with writing a series of poems about people I meet along the road of life. Like taking a photograph and laying it out in words. So far its working, but I have to add some more characters to the story. I am thinking about adding Dani, but he is so young. Many of the people are older, and actually have passed away. Hmmm what to do.

Hope your having a fabulous day, and enjoy Dani's pic as I do.

PS- my new laptop is up and running. I almost expect it to clean house and cook our meals, since hubs said they are faster and can do so many things. Yeah, like that is going to happen right? Hmmm...

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