Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who's Counting? Me!

Out of 30 + poetry and prose and flash fiction and photography submissions...

12 Poems Accepted
  1 Prose Accepted
  1 Flash Fiction Accepted
  4 Subs Rejected (may contain four to six poems)
  3 Photographs Accepted

All others still pending; more submissions going out soon (including SASE subs)

Also one of the newest acceptances took 3 poems in my 'Avocado Green Kitchen With Gold Accented Childhood' collection. This manuscript was requested as well. I need to get busy writing more. I barely have 10 prose in this collection.

I spent the past few years reading about Jessie Carty and her 'counting' submissions, and finally am building my own for the year. Last year was not so many, more of a 4-3-1 kind of success, but I am in a rhythm now. Being without a computer for a week threw me off.

I also have a few in limbo in submishmash.com file I am trying to find out about. Seems another journal lost my file last year which discouraged me. Rejection comes a bit easier now. Its only poetry. If you are confident about what you are doing, success will come. You don't need others to tell you if you are worthy of living and working and sharing your passions. In a manner of speaking...You are what you eat, on all accounts.

I have and will continue to live a good life.

Peace friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

I have and will continue to live a good life.

...says it all, but 12 accepted is good too..;-)