Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Sides of Good

I want to go home, but due to weather, I am stuck in St. Louis.

My son is in the middle of moving, busy busy busy, so no time for mom.

I am stuck in an apartment with no real furniture to sit on, just my blow up mattress and television (a little violin playing for me yet?), and have been for two days.

Why am I complaining when others are still stuck in the airport?

Hormones are raging. Menopause sucks. Sure no cycles, but the hormones make you CRAZY!

Did I say CRAZY?

I am throwing away all the candy Andi's family gave me. I want something besides eggs and spinach for meals. Yes, I am eating very healthy, but ready to take down a cow!


Crabby is my name...

I cannot go home until Thursday or Friday. Why? Because they want to limit air traffic and other people who are waiting take precedence over my flight.

Oh well, another test. I have said in the past...my son and I last barely two weeks before we begin to ware on each others nerves...does anyone out there have grown sons?

Is it harder to enter your grown sons house and feel like you are a minor worry to them? Seems he wants to live his life, and feels I can take care of myself. What about some momma love?

I said hello Crabby, right?

My philosophy is to get it out of your system and move on...movin on...

His girlfriend, Andi (I was so grateful!) took me to Nordstroms Rack last night. I bought some furry shoes with zippers. I usually wear slip on clog like shoes, because of my high in-step in mediums, but for once I got a decent pair. A size too big, but you cannot tell. Maybe my feet look longer, and slimmer for once. Instead of short and squatty.

Yeah, that's the ticket! Shopping cures all that ails us! (and...I am laughing)

Well he does make me laugh too...yeah, he lost his razor on the trip to Texas...have you ever found some strange things when you were packing to move? He did...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

We spent an early Christmas with my ex's family. A reminder why I divorced his father so many years ago. Lots of reminders of Anelisa around, but I held back the tears.

Mary, my younger sister and I got to spend a few days together, we even slept in the same bed- something we have not done since I moved out after graduating high school. We made candy treats together, laughed and she talked my friends ears off the night before.

I got to meet Andi's parents- they were very gracious in inviting me to several family gatherings over the past week, and a Christmas concert. They like Aaron, my son, and I also feel they are the same as Engineer hubby (David is an engineer too) and I.

I was hoping to have time to write, but only a few hours when I first arrived. My son is getting ready for Korea, so we have been busy these last days.

Happy New Year to All!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thursday Poem Share Link-Up

Jessie Carty gave us a challenge- Take elements of her poem and create our own.

'Today is a slightly different poem Thursday: It’s a contest Thursday!'

Using my cell phone photo taken two years ago while visiting my son- After arriving in St. Louis we hit the local super market and these were laying in the parking lot. Often wondering about the story behind something like this, I wrote my own humorous imagination spell (needs lots of edits) about how two people are brought together by the shoes. Now I take my idea into a prose for Jessie's contest.  

Here is my entry, co-written by Cheryl Hamilton Bradley, my best friend in Texas, as we sit in her office with my hair straight up in the air (see below)-

Super Market Santa

Dave set about finding Christmas presents for all of his homeless friends. Out back of his favorite market he waited by the trash bin as damaged items are discarded. So many surprises await and lots of choices for the mental list. His own anticipation was that of a small child after Santa paid a visit. Hopefully there will be foil for making ornaments and wrapping the gifts. Stale popcorn for stringing on thread he had stowed away from past diving expeditions. Broken tree branches or cinnamon cones, artificial or real, to lay about their own abode, reminding all of the scent of season’s past. An occasional piece of jewelry brings sparkle and smiles to the women. Any food items for the Christmas Eve gathering at the park are always appreciated. He gathered up all the things he had hoped for. The jolly dumpster diver saw he had been blessed with a pair of black boots with a broken heel. He broke off the other heel and headed through the parking lot with the loaded shopping cart letting out numerous ho ho ho’s as passerby’s stared on.

"Oh My God! Only four days until Christmas!"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Baby its cold outside..."

Aren't they just adorable?...Okay enough of the lovebirds... I dropped them off at a 20's Murder Mystery so they could have some drinks and not drive home. They have not inspired, well, kind of, I got two poems started, but no time to concentrate. I met her parents last night...I am sure they feel breathing is a bit better, LOL! No I was my usual nice social self. Although my son came over and threw a joke in the mix. He kind of embarrassed me, but the dad laughed, and he is the quiet one. So its all good!

Today, physically, I feel so much better. Worked out, and lots of go go go, plus walking. My ears still hurt, but I have that inner ear problem, so with allergies and fluid, I imagine it will be a problem for a while. However, there is barely a hint of coughing and that I was sick.

Hope you all are feeling great. I just heard St. Louis is getting snow, but we are driving down to Texas to surprise a few people for Christmas. Road Trip! Yeah, an eight or nine hour, no speeding, and light snow the first three or four hours of driving, but with three people and a dog in my dad's truck...who needs sand bags.

Darn Girl, get your dirty martini with blue cheese olive drink on!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time To Get Away

A mothers heart beats normally when she knows her child is safe...

I am going to be with my son for two weeks beginning Tuesday. My son has told me he is crazy about Andi, and that he is serious about continuing his education, but with her in Korea. She will teach, and her pay will support them, along with his own money. I am sure I will send care packages for them, along with her family. I am looking forward to meeting her parents, and spending Christmas with them.

For the first time in ten years I am looking forward to the holidays. Andi, his girlfriend and I have talked about decorating, baking, and other things while I am there. I enjoyed his girlfriend Lindy with some of these things, but they have not been together in three or more years, and did not get along at all.Their fighting was too much at times...

I am glad he is happy and pursuing his dreams with someone that shares his passions...

There will be lots of writing going on while I am gone, as he works his regular butchers job...I just will not have internet, unless I go to the coffee shop. I am sure I will walk, unless they have snow storms, which I will be stuck in his apartment while he is working. However I will be writing, because I am sure my feelings are going to inspire so much...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

For Mrs. C...

I was really playing with this one last night. I Cannot sleep due to annoying coughing, so I have written four new poems...spun from memory and coconut discussions from Mrs. C.!  I was playing with several versions of this, but wanted to see what you all think. Based on a form Debbie used, that other writers made suggestion on, I felt a mirrored imagery might work here...

Mrs. C., her flaky white hat memory poem will come soon...

Diabetical Tale

Important phenomenon defines itself
portent phenomenon pours itself
into aluminum and glass mixing bowls
creaming, eggs, sugar, flour and vanilla
as beaters scraped the sides
tap tap tap TAAAP!
metal on metal entrancing
all young eyes up and down
drawn in, laughter on soft peaks
into crusts, oil and floured pans
gently and quietly shoved into the oven
held houses constructed of cake and bread
cake and bread hold houses together
small hands lured by smells sweetness
pulled to lips, smiles give way
roller coaster youth ride of cakes, cookies and pies
blood sugar rising
‘to be fat or lean’ on a good witches watch
hesitate before cookbooks
and old wounds needing to be feed
remember what is remembered what is wanted
altered judgment on perilous spun sugar trails
happy ever after requires a road of diet, exercise, and restraint
diet, exercise and restraint can co-create a happy after taste

In the last version I left the sentences in italic doubled, but then decided to re-write them in a different way...

Funny, but while searching for imagery I read, a 3D movie is being created based on the Hansel & Gretel story...not sure what monstrous imagery they will use for this film...or is Tim Burton part of this project...will Johnny Depp play the witch...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not So Poetic This Week

I will be staying off the computer this week- not feeling so poetic... I was treated at the hospital for my asthma attack, which got worse, and does with upper respiratory and bronchitis onslaught. The aftermath of steroid's pumped via IV will now ensue...

Hubby thought it was funny to take this photo of my styling with my scarf and hat...the red cheeks are kind of Christmas'y!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

All News Is Good News

Hmmm, where do I start?

I have not slept in three days, well, off and on...

My son is moving to Korea to go to school (fingers crossed), live with his new girlfriend, who is also a teacher- my baby will live further away... I believe this will be a good lesson for him in the long run.

I have been sick two weeks in a row, this time I have an upper respiratory infection- thanks to my husband, who is bringing germs home from work, and it did not help Thanksgiving his sister came for dinner and was sick- If your sick stay home! or away from me...oh Farmlady I can so relate now to how you felt recently in a post, only no candy bars off to the side to console me...

I have lost more weight, and Brian, my trainer is pushing for ten more pounds by Christmas...worried me a bit, since I thought he may have felt I was lagging, but he says he really sees my body shape getting smaller and wants to encourage me to get over another hurdle and into another smaller size.

The past three months I have been consulting with a start-up gourmet food company, and they called this week to ask me to head up production in their kitchen. I will begin part-time and see how things go. I am up for this, and feel it will jet me into my healthy attitude. Exercise and my writing has become a focus, so if this does not work out- I will not be defeated.

I feel like Rocky on the steps, except I am coughing all the way up with my asthma meds in each hand...but smiling...

Farmlady, I do have two containers of old fashion cherry and lemon drops to help sooth that irritating cough at the end of the road...