Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thursday Poem Share Link-Up

Jessie Carty gave us a challenge- Take elements of her poem and create our own.

'Today is a slightly different poem Thursday: It’s a contest Thursday!'

Using my cell phone photo taken two years ago while visiting my son- After arriving in St. Louis we hit the local super market and these were laying in the parking lot. Often wondering about the story behind something like this, I wrote my own humorous imagination spell (needs lots of edits) about how two people are brought together by the shoes. Now I take my idea into a prose for Jessie's contest.  

Here is my entry, co-written by Cheryl Hamilton Bradley, my best friend in Texas, as we sit in her office with my hair straight up in the air (see below)-

Super Market Santa

Dave set about finding Christmas presents for all of his homeless friends. Out back of his favorite market he waited by the trash bin as damaged items are discarded. So many surprises await and lots of choices for the mental list. His own anticipation was that of a small child after Santa paid a visit. Hopefully there will be foil for making ornaments and wrapping the gifts. Stale popcorn for stringing on thread he had stowed away from past diving expeditions. Broken tree branches or cinnamon cones, artificial or real, to lay about their own abode, reminding all of the scent of season’s past. An occasional piece of jewelry brings sparkle and smiles to the women. Any food items for the Christmas Eve gathering at the park are always appreciated. He gathered up all the things he had hoped for. The jolly dumpster diver saw he had been blessed with a pair of black boots with a broken heel. He broke off the other heel and headed through the parking lot with the loaded shopping cart letting out numerous ho ho ho’s as passerby’s stared on.

"Oh My God! Only four days until Christmas!"


Debbie said...

I love your Jessie inspired prose! Great job! :)

Jessie Carty said...

The combo of poem and pictures is just cracking me up! e you make me laugh :)