Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Sides of Good

I want to go home, but due to weather, I am stuck in St. Louis.

My son is in the middle of moving, busy busy busy, so no time for mom.

I am stuck in an apartment with no real furniture to sit on, just my blow up mattress and television (a little violin playing for me yet?), and have been for two days.

Why am I complaining when others are still stuck in the airport?

Hormones are raging. Menopause sucks. Sure no cycles, but the hormones make you CRAZY!

Did I say CRAZY?

I am throwing away all the candy Andi's family gave me. I want something besides eggs and spinach for meals. Yes, I am eating very healthy, but ready to take down a cow!


Crabby is my name...

I cannot go home until Thursday or Friday. Why? Because they want to limit air traffic and other people who are waiting take precedence over my flight.

Oh well, another test. I have said in the past...my son and I last barely two weeks before we begin to ware on each others nerves...does anyone out there have grown sons?

Is it harder to enter your grown sons house and feel like you are a minor worry to them? Seems he wants to live his life, and feels I can take care of myself. What about some momma love?

I said hello Crabby, right?

My philosophy is to get it out of your system and move on...movin on...

His girlfriend, Andi (I was so grateful!) took me to Nordstroms Rack last night. I bought some furry shoes with zippers. I usually wear slip on clog like shoes, because of my high in-step in mediums, but for once I got a decent pair. A size too big, but you cannot tell. Maybe my feet look longer, and slimmer for once. Instead of short and squatty.

Yeah, that's the ticket! Shopping cures all that ails us! (and...I am laughing)

Well he does make me laugh too...yeah, he lost his razor on the trip to Texas...have you ever found some strange things when you were packing to move? He did...


Jeanne said...

Is should make you feel better to know how much Robert must be missing you by now.

When you take down that cow (that made me howl), chainsaw off a chunk for me!

eMi said...

From Spain, a very Happy New Year for you, Chef, and your dear son and husband.