Thursday, October 28, 2010

...roll on river roll on...

A beef with my head and the van door frame has caused some delays in being able to look at my computer screen for long periods of time in the form of a concussion, and now an eye infection in the only good eye I have...sometimes someone else can just say it better...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I love to read things I would normally not be interested in, but am curious by a spark, or thought. I was doing that a bit- instead of seriously writing and doing some paperwork I needed to get done. So this is my attempt at word play...and a great way to use photos I randomly take when I am out and about...

Want to come and get your syzygy on
with me
libation units on the floor
full moon rockets colliding
as we take each others hands and turn
about the room
wavering limbs signaling the others
to join us
as the band plays until dawn

Want to come and make a scene
with me
be our own stars
faces on a billboard no one sees
post rugged urban walkers spittoons
along the slum streets of tomorrow
we will go down when the money is right
and rise when we are told
as directors abandon sets and dreams

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Arts In Spain

Spain was full of art. You could not drive five miles without seeing it on the corner of each street, the side of the highway, or in their buildings and wineries! The wine was art, well they called it 'food'.

We saw the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, and so much more. An eye opener for my son as well; it had been a while since we had gone to museums together.

After Aaron left Spain to return home, hubby and I headed back to Madrid. We stayed at the Hotel Silken Puerta America Madrid, a piece of art in its own right. Downstairs was a bar, Marmo. We went down to have a complimentary drink from the hotel for being special guests and I noticed art work hanging in the windows.

There was also a buzz in the air, a sort of party, as people kept arriving and greeting this handsome tall Spaniard. I noticed this unique fleur de lys wallet chain hanging from his side. A beautiful silver piece of jewelry art. So I had to compliment him, and ask about his works- a style of graffiti photography.

His work? Moving. He has a great eye. I believe if Spain would take notice, there are many places his work would work in that modern city, matter of fact, many places in Spain should take notice. Great work! Fernando from what I can read of the Spanish on his site- he has done photography work for fashion magazines in Paris and other important artwork in his business in Madrid.

I met Fernando Iglesias- Graphic Artist and Photographer. What a nice guy and his friends equally friendly. One spent four years in California. He had his mother at the opening, his mother!

'Urban Walker' was the title of this showing. He has other real gallery shows going on in the city, and his website is note worthy as well. Go check h
im out! The music is also a plus...

NOTE: I am performing my one woman performance art show, Red Dashboard in northern New Jersey by invitation of Vox Poetica, and will be in Englewood for the show by 9 PM, if you can make it! Will post next week...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Prompt

What do you see? What does it stir up...

Is this what it looks like in heaven
beyond the clouds

passing layers of atmosphere and space
A maze for the child

inside us all is the desire
to break through

go to heights we have never reached
super power strength

speeding through the top
materials seen as obstacles

which would not hurt us
if we would just climb

examine each floor
becoming stronger

letting time and gravity
lift us like God's angels

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Update with Chef E

Ha! Like I have my own show on SNL, and many followers...oh well, a girl can dream.

I posted a quiz on facebook, and sometimes, well all the time laugh at my own jokes, but here it is... 

What do you do with your napkins in a Tapas Bar in Spain?
A) Throw them to the bulls
B) Offer them to the other guest
C) Drop them to the floor, at your feet
D) Eat them, because the food is too little

Did you know that when eating in Tapas Bars (above) it is not polite to leave your napkins on the bar- just throw them down on the floor, at your feet. I saw the napkins on the floor at many places, so any doubters out there, I got it first hand from the source.

I am back from EspaƱa, and had the most terrific conversation with a young man, Dani on the return flight. We passed three hours with good conversation. He is traveling to Montreal to visit with a young woman he met in Madrid, his home town. I wish him luck in his personal and professional life.

After returning at four in the afternoon- unloading and doing lots of laundry, ech!, I fell asleep at seven o'clock while watching a movie. I found it was hard to recover from the Europe clock and woke up off and on from three until six thirty. I am determined to maybe go to the gym if it continues, as I was once a regular early morning swimmer.

Lots of walking and small meals took place, so I feel the losing weight issue is still on full throttle. I enjoyed being with my son for two weeks in the beginning of the trip, and if anyone wants to see the photos, friend me on facebook.

Restaurant updates will begin on my Food ~ Wine ~ Fun! site in another week. I have lots of writing to do, and drafts of work to begin for my book, to be published next spring.

Lots of beautiful people were met (an artist, Fernando Iglesias- will do a review), food and wine were had, and I loved Espaina better than Italy. Sorry for those of you partial to Italy, but it was much more adaptable for me, for many reasons, and not enough time to explain.

Otherwise...hasta la luego my friends!