Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Update with Chef E

Ha! Like I have my own show on SNL, and many followers...oh well, a girl can dream.

I posted a quiz on facebook, and sometimes, well all the time laugh at my own jokes, but here it is... 

What do you do with your napkins in a Tapas Bar in Spain?
A) Throw them to the bulls
B) Offer them to the other guest
C) Drop them to the floor, at your feet
D) Eat them, because the food is too little

Did you know that when eating in Tapas Bars (above) it is not polite to leave your napkins on the bar- just throw them down on the floor, at your feet. I saw the napkins on the floor at many places, so any doubters out there, I got it first hand from the source.

I am back from EspaƱa, and had the most terrific conversation with a young man, Dani on the return flight. We passed three hours with good conversation. He is traveling to Montreal to visit with a young woman he met in Madrid, his home town. I wish him luck in his personal and professional life.

After returning at four in the afternoon- unloading and doing lots of laundry, ech!, I fell asleep at seven o'clock while watching a movie. I found it was hard to recover from the Europe clock and woke up off and on from three until six thirty. I am determined to maybe go to the gym if it continues, as I was once a regular early morning swimmer.

Lots of walking and small meals took place, so I feel the losing weight issue is still on full throttle. I enjoyed being with my son for two weeks in the beginning of the trip, and if anyone wants to see the photos, friend me on facebook.

Restaurant updates will begin on my Food ~ Wine ~ Fun! site in another week. I have lots of writing to do, and drafts of work to begin for my book, to be published next spring.

Lots of beautiful people were met (an artist, Fernando Iglesias- will do a review), food and wine were had, and I loved Espaina better than Italy. Sorry for those of you partial to Italy, but it was much more adaptable for me, for many reasons, and not enough time to explain.

Otherwise...hasta la luego my friends!


Jim K. said...

Napkins and such..
a friend went to China, and
collected all her trash in a bag
and set it by the porter's
station..the porter opened the
window and chucked the trash out
(the custom...toss trash out of
the train)..

Somehow the tapas bar reminded me
of stuffed quahogs in a Bourne, MA

Rachel Cotterill said...

I can't wait to hear more about your trip :) I haven't seen the napkin thing, but then, I think I've been to different parts of Spain.

Katherine said...

Wow you have been a very busy woman. Sounds like you have had such an amazing time. Looking forward to hearing some more about your adventure.

Bryan Borland said...

I know you had a fantastic time, Chef. Now - do you throw your napkins on the floor AFTER you are done? Or put them there while you eat - reaching down to get them when you make a mess? Did you throw other things on the floor? Your undergarments? Wait - was this after you'd had nothing but wine all day?

Chef E said...

Great question B-dawg...

They are small 3x3 white napkins, so once you wipe the grease, yes I said pig grease from the Jamon off your fingers, they go on the floor. A well oiled floor, and I will put up the photo with a poem I wrote a while ago about something similar (napkin) on a journey...

LOL I threw myself on the floor after seven days of eating like this with the boys...and boy did I wine all day, and night, and...

Chef E said...

Ooops Doggybloggy, I hit delete on your comment email- but thanks for pointing that out, I got lazy and did not look it up! I feel like I live in another country/land sometimes, and you are the alien! LOL