Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Culinary Passion

One of my 'new' writing pass times for the past year is Food Poetry. I an featured on Crop To Cuisine radio program out of Boulder Colorado. Last poem they featured along with a show about Fair Trade and Organic Coffee was my poem 'Barrista'. One day I will do a chapbook of my food poems.

Often it is from passion inspiration, an instantaneous moment of taste bud delight that I write something of this nature. If I ponder too much, the words just take too long to come and I am fickle. My father said it, and he was right.

Well taking a day off from being a tourista, I set my sights on room service, and writing. Of course when I let the urge to order something not planned, but with, and always a quest to find something out- I asked room service if the kitchen could share a is what happened!

PS- I will post the photo I took in a few see if I conquered poetically...turns out I will be on the road the next few days, so I am adding the photo now...


One by one
five finger slaves take hold

prehistoric- Iberian statuesque mound
Within the eyesight of Toledo hillside

subtle orange-red sky line
blankets history marries cocina-archy

Holy grails, piquant lava spill
stain, sting the soul as it goes down

Archeological finds have been greater
Culinary discovery in due course worth more

than geological religion
10,000 years of cultivated existence co-exist

In common russet shaped craft
traveling shore to shore today

Ceasar Pollo at my side
Porcelain fortresses had no chance

- Chef E


debbie said...

Love your poems and posts! So fresh and saucy and spicy like you! :) Go Chef E! By the way, is this a poetry book you've got going on? Or cookbook? Or both? Bendedspoon (you can find her through her comments on my blog) has been doing a food and fashion idea. So fun! Outfits to go with the recipes . . .

Bryan Borland said...

Do you know I've never ordered room service? I was taught at a young age that it was overpriced, so that has kind of stayed with me. But this poem makes me want to pay a little extra... :)

Anonymous said...

Привет всем!
Можите посоветывать нормальное казино ?
Задрали лохотроны...