Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still in Hawaii

Well, where do I begin?

A tsunami came at us in Hilo this past Saturday, but ended up being small waves.

A hurricane hit the east coast and the damage to our family's homes off Long Island was much worse than what my son went through in Princeton.

We arrived at a Halloween party Saturday night with no clue about the tsunami and was told we could not leave or go back to Jennie's place after 10 or so. It ruined it for me the whole night. I was worried and felt clueless to what was going on. My smart phone didn't help because I had less than 2G in the location we were at. The party goers seemed unaffected by the news. I survived when we got back to her house around midnight and finally fell asleep.

I spoke with all the family on the east coast and my son throughout the day yesterday. At about 11 PM Hawaii time and 5 AM eastern time my son called to say the power came back on, no cable though, and they were happy the food was not ruined. They even got out today and drove around. Minimal damage for inlanders, but the shore is destroyed. Most will rebuild, but I have a feeling this is not the end of storms of this size with weather change over the past few years.

We visited a tsunami museum here in Hilo, HI and they say the island is overdue for a BIG storm as well. The volcano is becoming more active, which we visited last night, and it seems our world is in for a big big change.

Otherwise, we are having fun. Most important, no sunburn!

hugs and peace to you all...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Does The Chicken Cross The Road?

We tried to ask, but it just kept running away...

I was about to back up the car on Ohau and saw this chicken behind me. A funny site, since you don't find much chicken in the markets, and if you do...it is expensive!

Food is pricey here just like we had heard for years...

I cooked dinner last night for our host Jennie, her tenant Rita and a friend Joy. Made skillet chix and steak and homemade tortillas Oaxaca style. I brought salsa from the states in a big mason jar and they all enjoyed that. Rita says she misses breakfast burritos so that will be something I make them next week when we all return from the Kona side of the big island.

Hubs and I are relaxing and having so much fun. If you are on Facebook you can see the photos I have uploaded. Many more to come. Hubs is a real shutter bug...almost over doing it!

Peace and Aloha at the same time!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bliss is...


A second honeymoon in Hawaii.

I love my husband.

Not because he takes me places, but because he was first (the cart) and I don't mind being next to him (the horse beautiful mayor).

This past two weeks I have been ill. Something brought back from Texas? Flu? Maybe, not sure, but I feel better now...

Peace to you all these few weeks to come. I have poetry to make and write...

(photo: view from Duke's in Honolulu- food was decent, and stick with seafood)

Monday, October 8, 2012

And here she is...

Jessie Carty in all her cuteness!

On my way back to New Jersey I stopped in on a few people I had wanted to meet in person. Food bloggers are on my other site. My sister in law picked a place in an area of NC called NoDa, short for North Davidson. A place where they have begun rebuilding it into an artsy fartsy area, and we ate dinner at Amelies, a French bistro. Was yummy!

Jessie saw me outside and said she wasn't sure she would know who I was, but we both squealed with delight face to face. I discovered we both were also fighting colds or whatever we have. We are truly twins in so many ways, well we say we are. She is delightful to talk with. Conversation flowed and flowed! My sis in law teaches med school, so they related to teaching period. We all did.

As for other news, and I know life doesn't always go as we hope it would...my sister has decided not to speak with me, or has washed her hands of me as she said. She was mad because I spent two nights with her and went off with other friends for the other four days. I had picked up my (my side of the story anyways) son's truck to drive back and found it to need repairs and no AC. It was hot and not a pleasant ride for going back and forth to include her in activities. As well as a almost two hour drive to her place from my friends out north of Dallas; my sister lives way south east of Dallas. She doesn't work and could not contribute to gas if I did. Oh and no car either. She is on disability for some reason, and all her money goes into the house she shares.

I don't have time for this stuff. Negative jealousy is stupid. I love her and she can say all she wants about me, but I believe it boils down to jealousy of my happy home life and other things. I cannot wallow in what is not there. So be it. My family life growing up was not good and as a result the siblings don't speak. Now we won't. I am here if she decides to let things go. But it may be for the best we put some space in between talking. It was taxing me when she called every single day, and if I did not answer like this last time, she would call my husband at work. I don't call her boyfriend. I would never.

Sorry to add that drama to meeting Jessie. I am back in counseling and will move on.

Which brings me to something else. My book with Pasquale will be coming out soon. I got an email from the publisher. Finally. Turns out some details have to be worked out, but I am patient. Uh really.

My hubs did give me a scare. He took himself to the emergency room Saturday, about an hour from my return. I freaked, because he thought he was having a heart attack. High blood pressure and a panic attack. Thank goodness we are going on vacation (I get two!) soon- Hawaii for two weeks. He needs the rest, doctors orders. I love him and want him around longer. Giving him lots of rest and relaxation here at home. I teased him and said he just can't take me being gone anymore. He misses what we have when I am home. I am truly loved by both of my men. Yes, my son is doing so great these days, as he is maturing into the man I always knew him to be.

Peace to you all and hugs....and enjoy life while you can!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


am I up too? Lots. So much in the pot, I haven't the time to share.

But fun stuff.

On my way back to New Jersey (driving); Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky,  Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, then North again, and Virginia by Friday. Home by the end of the Weekend. Two and a half weeks of pure fun!

I will post more, because I have met some more great bloggers in person, even Jessie Carty the poet mentor/teacher!

Hope all is well and great things come your way! Peace...

(photo taken at The Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey)