Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Does The Chicken Cross The Road?

We tried to ask, but it just kept running away...

I was about to back up the car on Ohau and saw this chicken behind me. A funny site, since you don't find much chicken in the markets, and if you do...it is expensive!

Food is pricey here just like we had heard for years...

I cooked dinner last night for our host Jennie, her tenant Rita and a friend Joy. Made skillet chix and steak and homemade tortillas Oaxaca style. I brought salsa from the states in a big mason jar and they all enjoyed that. Rita says she misses breakfast burritos so that will be something I make them next week when we all return from the Kona side of the big island.

Hubs and I are relaxing and having so much fun. If you are on Facebook you can see the photos I have uploaded. Many more to come. Hubs is a real shutter bug...almost over doing it!

Peace and Aloha at the same time!

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farmlady said...

Glad you're having a good time. The chicken is safe because you're suppose to eat fish there... It's Hawaii.
Your husband reminds me of me with the photo taking obsession.
Have fun!