Sunday, May 22, 2011

2nd Annual Bill's Figs Poetry Festival, New Jersey Poetry

After almost a week of non stop rain, we had sunshine Saturday morning. It was May 21st, 2011 and I set out for Flemington, New Jersey. My friend/supporter Gina and I packed some of my fresh spinach artichoke dip, apples and peanut butter as we set out for a fun afternoon. I told her we were going to a Fig Farm...laughingly she never asked me what I meant. as there is no such thing...more of an orchard. She is an adventurer like me!

We had the privilege of hearing some wonderful and well published poets-

Hunterdon County poets Warren Cooper, Juditha Dowd, Kathe Palka, and Ray Brown read followed by an Open Mic. The reading is under a tent in the fig grove.

We also heard two Philadelphia poets- Adriann 'The Pen' Bautistaand, and Smyte IX- a Princeton poet, and I read too.

A representative of Painted Bride Quarterly Journal presented works as well.

In addition to hearing some great poetry, Bill has 230 different types of figs, 55 are currently available for sale. He has approximately 1,300 fig trees of different sizes on the grounds.

The poetry was wonderful! So many different styles were represented...if you write, you should perform your work. Or at least go out and listen to other poets. Support each other. Get out and attend open mics and poetry events! That is an order!

I read three of my pieces- Corn Bread and Beans, Texas Skies, and did one of my spoken word pieces untitled, and all by heart. Sadly my poetry books and bag were left at home in a rush, because I had to make an emergency eye doctor appointment on the way.

I forgot to talk with Bill about taking a tree home with me. Bill's wife told me most animals will leave them alone, except for squirrels. My first memory of a 'strange food' outside of my modest poverty foods of my youth is my neighbors fig tree. I would stand at the fence and gaze at it. One day the neighbor, whom all the kids in the neighborhood were afraid came out and asked me if I would like to try one. I said apprehensively "Yes" and thus began my love affair with food exploration.

The sunshine held up until the last thirty minutes, and it began to rain. Bill put up a tent with chairs for us all, and thankfully! His gracious wife put out snacks, and I shared my spinach artichoke dip and celery sticks with them as well. I look forward to returning to Bill's Fig Farm again one day. Thanks Bill!

Want Figs and Poetry?

Bill's Figs
329 Old York Road
Flemington, NJ

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Done

I have finished my second manuscript. Some of it was a little forced, but Pasquale has a majority of the work done, so be it. I did what could be done. We will meet today, organize it and turn it in to the publisher. Now we have to decide what the cover will be. There have been jokes going around about a photo being taken with the two of us in fig leaves, like Adam and Eve of sorts. He eighty, and me overweight and fifty. Yeah that one works. I had thought of a cartoon characteture being a funnier design. We will see.

I have been continuously plagued by allergies; headaches, wheeziness, itchy, and hard to breath stuffiness this spring, so its been a challenge to concentrate on writing, especially if I have to take medication. I am hearing its hard on many people. Thanks to so many great friends for their inspirations and support these past few months.

Oh I almost forgot to add a poem from the book, a small preview of something I have written. When I listen to people's reaction at the title of the book 'One Hundred and Fifty Years of Love' many people will share a love story, and this one sparked a poem.

Back When I Was Fifteen
as told to me by Marybeth Carshaw-Stinson

The taste of the ocean upon your lips
the kiss I had longed for
a love so new
in a place so old, Asbury Park
at the top of the old Ferris wheel
where for years lovers had watched
the sea and skies
from canopied cars that reached the stars
we were as high as the clouds
as free as the gulls
and I will never forget, my love
being on top of the world with you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't Rain On My Parade

My church participated in one of the local Gay Pride Parades, and I walked most of the way. Since I began working out last June I have felt so much better. Sometimes I do not feel like the weight is slipping off as fast as I would like, but 46 pounds is a lot. I began working out four times a week recently and the skinny girl is popping through! My client Puneeta called me after seeing my photo on facebook to tell me she saw I have lost a lot of weight.

Okay this is not about m'E. It is about teaching our kids to love each other, acceptance, and equal rights for all. If you think about it, women, blacks, and others only have the right to vote. Our constitution only states women have the right to vote...what about our other rights? I know this is getting political, but I have always felt we all deserve the same treatment, and love everyone. Okay, well maybe there is one or two of you out there that have gotten on my bad side, and I would like to *@#k up the guy who robbed and raped me at gun point when I was 19, but I do still care about them....just sayin'...somehow we forgive don't we...

I apologize if my language is a bit rough today...

Friday, May 13, 2011

I Need Some Boots

Once again its Thursday Poem Share over at Jessie Carty's 58 Inches...

Cowboys and Aliens

I grew up near western horses, saw
cow’s and buffalo through wire fences

hung out with high school agriculture students
watched them ride in rodeo on weekends

when I decided to place myself
in the saddle, fit my shoes in the stirrups

grab the reigns I imagine heading toward
well traveled trails on a horse who also hungers

for freedom across the open range
carved out by buffalo, deer elk, and history

instead its head hangs low as we mosey
clippity clop over dry mud ball fields

riddled with pot holes and clover calling out
under low lying tree limbs catching city girls

off guard to what once belonged to wild folklore
grabbing my reigns as my doggy begins

heading back home to the barn full of hay
it doesn’t take much to convince us

we were not natural born riders but
aliens visiting another world.

(Vincent Van Gogh, A Pair of Boots, 1887 in above photo)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He is 24, a baby no more...

My son Aaron is 24 today. But I will always see him like this...

I watch him grow every day, into the man I always knew he would. I have been blessed in so many ways in spite of the sadness in my past, sadness that lurks in the hole ripped through my heart. The dream I had the other day was mostly about him. I miss his carefree cherub like disposition, and the fact he is too big to sit in my lap. His soft blonde curls tickling my nose once, replaced with whisker like bristles when he hugs and kisses me hello and goodbye today.

However he did tell me he still had his Lego's in storage, so there is still a child somewhere inside him.

I love you Son,

Love Mom

Monday, May 9, 2011

What I did on May 8th...

Before and Day Of?

Absolutely nothing!!! as far as lifting my finger to cook, clean, or any kind of work...hubby treated me like a queen...

I did my rear off Saturday. Food and set-up prep. Appetizers Done. Prep. Cooked. Secondi Course Done, well Parsnip Soup and Local Spinach Salad with Strawberries and Spicy Walnuts. (Oh and they are all non-stop eating, drinking, and talking away!) Prep. Cooked. Entree, or final meal is done. They eat while I clean up. I had one of my Parmesan crusted soft shell crabs, and was delish! They bought pre-made desserts, so exiting was easy. Hubby and I spend the next two days between his step-mom and mom's house on Long Island. No photos of the crab. It was too busy for me. I also would put that up on my food blog, oh well. I did sip on a mint julep. Okay two, something I had never tried before! Different.

My Mother's Day was glorious. Aaron called from Korea, I got to ride in Mom Val's convertible...

hubby looks like a Star Wars creature in the back seat, wineries and music, maple walnut ice cream stop...

and just beautiful weather. Allergies? I put up with them. Mom Val liked this photo opportunity...

The book I am reading above is something I won from the contest Kells had in April, since it was national poetry month! Mom Val was excited, because she has the CD from Il Postino, which has famous individual's reading from his poetry...

Pablo Neruda
Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

I highly recommend this book!

Sometimes a piece of sun
burned like a coin between my hands
...from 'We Have Even Lost'

Friday, May 6, 2011

Morning then comes...

I am a little late with my Thursday Poem Share hosted by Jessie Carty, but I had a rough and busy week. There is a lot to do as I have an early Mother's Day gathering to cook for tomorrow. I am excited because the job is in NY, so I get a few days away from home. The menu is soft shell crab and a meat of my choice. I love this, and found the crabs for 4.50 each. A far stretch from the Virginian crabs here in Princeton go for 10 to 12 dollars each.

(I take the poems down, but thanks for all the suggestions...I will rework this one in a few weeks...and probably submit!)