Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wild Wild Whispers

Lil'sista decided it was time to get busy around the house, but I remained anchored to the sofa reading one of my new books. I have three prior to review, but I could not help myself. Pearl Pirie's 'been shed bore' was calling my name; it has been since Jim Knowles mentioned it in a post, then I saw it on her site. Pearl has many blogs to read as well.

I put the book, among others in my Amazon.com shopping cart with anticipation. Birthday money came in, and it was ordered last week.

There is so much to explore in this 77 page book. I have already noticed 'Less Is More' in her work. Not having seen any other reviews, I will take my time savoring her work, but I can say this...I like it. Just skimming through there already seems to be a learning going on for me, so that I wrote this piece. Let me share, and let me know what you think.

just us and a summer

shaking salt along eastern islands
we set out for unnoted treasures
walking up and down
pushing dunes aside

along the way
you held me under furious waves

full silver linings
scream through the day’s silence
beads of sweat hold on
stepping back we cowered at the miles
aging topside's set the shore ablaze
lazy eyes followed wings on nautical breeze
as each scavenger dove on command
sweeping us inland

grain for grain, we left with more in our shoes
every beach had its chance

Lil'sista Update

This is the house my hubby grew up in, but the current owners are not taking care of it. Up close it is in pretty bad shape. Three stories, and below is where my husband's room was...pretty cool. He said there was an elevator and the top story is where the servants stayed. It is a shame the house is falling apart now. I am sure a very wealthy family came from New York, built the house for a summer home, but maybe no one was left to take care of it the way it was meant.

After hubby's nieces graduation party we hit the beach. The weather was perfect, 74 degrees, but the water was still a bit cold. So she got the tour and then it was off to his step mom's for the next two days.

Sis likes green...like my mother...has to have her pic taken with everything green...

Next we took her to some wineries, as she had never been before. We took her to a really upscale Sparkling Pointe and then to what step-mom and I laughingly call 'The Shack' at One Woman. What a long day we had! It was nice to return home for a few days of rest before we head out again. I have a stack of books just waiting for me to begin reading, and a few poem ideas to begin drafting. How was your weekend?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Metaphorically Speaking, Of Course

A request made by a friend of mine.: I guess writing in this manner makes me feel the writing is forced, or too wax poetic, of which I was once accused of over using by my ex-husband. That is why I try and stay away from it. Is it painting too much of a picture. Truth be told, I found it difficult to write and keep a straight face. Meaning my eyes wrinkled up as I pushed my fingers into the very tight inkwell hole and began to make the third to the last line. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Growing up in Carrollton, Texas we had this painting my mom bought to go with the seventies Spanish Iron furniture they also bought; it was of a still life...a peeled orange next to a vinegar bottle, and had a glass of red wine off to the side. Man was it a dark fake. I was always puzzled at that painting. You know how we place things like a picture in specific spots, but do you ever really look at them after you made the choice? Do you really LOOK at them, study them, or do you just dust them off each week as it blends in to our surroundings. Sort of like a photographers musings along their path.

In anticipation of Lil'sista, I found it hard to go to sleep and woke up early, as usual, and began thinking of how I could lay in bed all day because I was just plain tired. Of how things would still change around me, even if I continued to lay there. I also watched 'Stripped: Greg Friedler's Naked Las Vegas', by David Palmer before I fell asleep. Must have impacted my thinking. Or was it Greg's blog, and his still life's of fruits and such? Hmmm, does art really imitate life...

Still Life
as requested by Jeanne

I sit, quietly on the edge of an island
of blankets as the world turns
spinning schedules before the day

ever begins. Morning shadows start tripping
across my lap, stretching obscure minute men
who under your nose steal the thunder

aimed at hearts filled with memory
and pain. A shelter of hoarding rises up with
empty vessel lined shelves; in waiting

they mirror me, ready for random target practice
when an ocean of tears breaks free of its barriers
and keep me prisoner in this spot, where day began.

On this black leather sofa planet crust
evenings darkness meld and break me free.
Floating along the red hot lava of desire

I scavenge up nourishment, and exercise
the will to bend my legs. But it all pulls me under
sinking what I was crafting as a get away boat.

Metaphorically I am like my photo, many flavors, layers, and what you see is not always what you might get. Ha!

Jeanne how was this? and it is a first draft, not sure there will be another...I will let it simmer in my mind pot...

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Sister Is Coming, My Sister Is Coming!!!

In normal times this would be alarming, at least for hubby. It means his house will be over taken with bad joke jokes, the smell of comfort foods he would prefer not to eat, more (extra!) empty wine bottles, and many other shenanigans over the course of a few months. But its the price he has to pay to have me in his life. He can deal with it. I have not seen her since Christmas, nor has she been here for four years. Time to party Sista!

I have some fun things in store for her, of some I will not tell her, just let her jaw drop when we arrive. You too will find out soon enough. I will be sharing.

I am a bit envious when Farmlady posts about her and the sisters travels and adventures together, but I now get my chance. I miss my daughter and the chance to have female family bonding time, but I am grateful there was a little sister in my life. Turning 50 this past week now gives me an "I'm older, so listen to me" advantage, so we shall see how I can work that one in. Oh am I feeling devious. Wait till she sees the sign I made to hold up at the airport!

Just you wait Miss Poo Poo- Red Legs- Pineapple Top- There's that drive in theater I have been talking about! (long story, but each title has one)

Oh and that long hair she is supporting above- Gone! I am cutting it off to donate it to a cancer group...she complains her neck always hurts...I wonder why...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thanks and Thursday Poem Share

Thanks to all of you who wished me Happy Birthday wishes in email, phone calls, and on facebook. I have had a lovely time the past two weeks, especially this past weekend (North Fork beach in photo) and now embrace 50 with all the grace and courage one can...LOL Did that sound the way one would embrace age? Heh!

I received three very funny cards in the past few days. One being my sister who greeted me with 'Sis' and 'Wonderful' in the first sentence, but ended with 'Save the Wax' candles for my mustache and leg hair...too funny!

This weekend is going to be filled with lots of relaxation. The past two weeks have been so busy that I have not written much. My little sister Mary is coming this next Wednesday and will stay for a whole month! I have a very busy schedule planned, and will be posting our adventures. White water rafting, and some things neither of us have tried before are planned.

Well any way here is a poem I have laying around my files, but want to work...

(removed for work shopping and revisions- Thanks for reading!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Some Good News...Always

I am off to Long Island for the weekend...more pre-birthday celebrating with hubby's family. The plan is, laying on bro-in-law's beach behind their house, take the boat over to Fire Island, some sort of drink in hand here and there, munchies, dinner at six, then off to a show, back and forth between mom-in-law and step mom-in-law (con-ver-tible, top down driving on the North Fork!). Three days of doing nothing. Not even cooking. Which I do everyday at home, my part-time job, and my once a week position at the church cooking for the homeless. Things on that end are going great!

Now lets get down to the real news. I went to the eye doctor. A follow-up for my swollen left eye, the gimp eye, and the fact that my vision has done nothing but gotten worse the past five years. I discussed eye surgery. Have they developed anything to help my blind eye, and a correction for the right side? YES!!!

I am scheduled to see the surgeon in August! Yes, they do have surgeries to help correct my vision. I have been waiting for this my whole life. Growing up with one 20/20 vision was not that bad, it was like those who have two eyes. But it did cause problems for me once the vision began going down hill in my late thirties. In some ways I feel it was a handicap, and has caused problems with making and missing mistakes in writing, along with being dyslexic. So with that, I look forward to what the future, and eye doctor holds!

Also...I turned in my mini-chapbook to the MFA Blog hosted by Jessie Carty and to Jennie my instructor for the MFA program which I audited this last semester at Princeton. Both gave me passing grades for my work. They both gave me high praise for my thesis project- 'My Valley of Kings', a mini-chapbook- titles and content. I now feel confident to pursue returning to college if that is what I wanted to do.

Thanks for your support, and for listening...fifty is turning out to be the magical age for me...although I would love to re-visit 33 and my Irish trip...and for selfish reasons...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Cracking Myself Up!

I should be sad, but I am not. I have slowly gotten news from all my stops along the way to Texas, they have had to cancel for personal reasons, and from being unsure it would work out if I was in the area. It will be fun when we all can get together, but I am okay. My trip is postponed for now. I need to be seriously working on my newest book. I already began the second book, but I am not even finished with the first one. A trilogy it will be...yes, liken to Twilight and others.

While coming up with an idea for a book for my family once the genealogy was finished, and after watching Clash of the Titans, something came to me...sadly at 2 AM in the freaking morning. My sleep is off again. Stomach issues and napping do not work well together. ARGH!!! But hey, I get some writing done.

Yep, when I think of how different I was than my siblings growing up, and how my brother (don't all brothers say this to you!) would tell me I was adopted. Making me cry, and scaring the crap out of me was his pleasure.

I know it still needs work...but is going to be part of 'My Valley of Kings' Mini-chapbook collection.

Hades On A Good Day

Growing up felt like hell,
I really thought my parents
had adopted me...

------------- (middle section poem taken down for submission purposes)

a grandmother mirrored in me
a son’s face straight from Scotland
I am a fair princess, hidden
amongst peasants.

After reading this aloud to hubby; it really cracked me up! Oh well, if I cannot laugh at myself, then who...Let the summer games begin...I am turning 50 in less than two weeks...so much fun ahead!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What'cha Eating?

I am bad. Yes. When I know certain foods bother my stomach, I still manage to suffer from lifting them to my mouth. Especially sugar. I have managed to stay away from baking too much, the gluten and sugar, and even have a cake sitting from the weekend I will dump in the trash (after hubby eats one more piece tonight).

So while the plumber is running the dishwasher, fixing it, my stomach churns along...

Also, my contribution to Thursday Poem Share over at Jessie Carty's...


A stomach churns from last night's
empty box of sugar babies laying
‘nutrition information’ side down next

to the couch, near the back patio
hidden from husband’s view, his
wanton mouth, but conveniently

at cravings reach to the addict who
grew up on homemade pies, cakes,
and candies waiting on counters

kitchen and coffee table, hidden in back
bedroom drawer where a father would
share his stash if you were quiet when

he drank while watching television, or
napped on weekends when mom was
in the kitchen cooking as we rode

bikes down to the local Dairy Queen
for ice cream and Jan’s Food Store
filling our pockets with penny candy

back home, one by one, we begin to
feel the sting of what our parents called
the family curse running from generation

to generation of not being able to eat certain
foods; sugar, dairy, and beef, but I cannot
help myself I Buy Sugar regardless.

I doubt I would publish this one, except self, so I will leave it up!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review- Road Work Ahead by Raymond Luczak

What do we all do when a relationship ends, good or bad? We begin to open up and share bits and pieces of what we remember, places we have gone, places we need to see, good or bad. I have met some people who still revelled in the pain of the past, but you do not read this in his work. Raymond opens up and begins to look at what repairs are needed, what road to travel next, not just where he's been. When we do this, begin to repair what may have been neglected, pain and heartache bursting through our chest, we begin to see things in another light. I see this in his words.

Raymond's poetry sheds light on his own pain, what he may or may not miss, and I believe through his writing and visiting the places he has pulled into his heart has helped him move on to new roads. Raymond Luczak may be deaf, but he hears so much more than we can imagine in his surroundings. His poetry shows us exactly what he has heard...

The first poem of this book begins with-

Once I arrived in Paris, I declared war against Time.


Spies adored my aging face. It'd given away
one secret after another. I had been shafted.


My favorite line in this poem. I cannot tell you how many times this relates to me when I have gone somewhere and wanted to put time in a box and live out every street, conquer a country. Time can be a friend, but most always an enemy.

Who wouldn't grow and heal with this writer at our side, reminding us the summer wind is around the corner, and there are so many roads still left untraveled.