Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review- Road Work Ahead by Raymond Luczak

What do we all do when a relationship ends, good or bad? We begin to open up and share bits and pieces of what we remember, places we have gone, places we need to see, good or bad. I have met some people who still revelled in the pain of the past, but you do not read this in his work. Raymond opens up and begins to look at what repairs are needed, what road to travel next, not just where he's been. When we do this, begin to repair what may have been neglected, pain and heartache bursting through our chest, we begin to see things in another light. I see this in his words.

Raymond's poetry sheds light on his own pain, what he may or may not miss, and I believe through his writing and visiting the places he has pulled into his heart has helped him move on to new roads. Raymond Luczak may be deaf, but he hears so much more than we can imagine in his surroundings. His poetry shows us exactly what he has heard...

The first poem of this book begins with-

Once I arrived in Paris, I declared war against Time.


Spies adored my aging face. It'd given away
one secret after another. I had been shafted.


My favorite line in this poem. I cannot tell you how many times this relates to me when I have gone somewhere and wanted to put time in a box and live out every street, conquer a country. Time can be a friend, but most always an enemy.

Who wouldn't grow and heal with this writer at our side, reminding us the summer wind is around the corner, and there are so many roads still left untraveled.


Toon said...

That;s the kind of beautiful, terrible insight that can cause me a sleepless night or two.

Debbie said...

Elizabeth . . .this was wonderful. Whatever points that were taken off for lateness will be re-added two fold for how good it is! :)

Jessie Carty said...

Perfect! Your mini-reviewing skills are right on target :)