Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wild Wild Whispers

Lil'sista decided it was time to get busy around the house, but I remained anchored to the sofa reading one of my new books. I have three prior to review, but I could not help myself. Pearl Pirie's 'been shed bore' was calling my name; it has been since Jim Knowles mentioned it in a post, then I saw it on her site. Pearl has many blogs to read as well.

I put the book, among others in my Amazon.com shopping cart with anticipation. Birthday money came in, and it was ordered last week.

There is so much to explore in this 77 page book. I have already noticed 'Less Is More' in her work. Not having seen any other reviews, I will take my time savoring her work, but I can say this...I like it. Just skimming through there already seems to be a learning going on for me, so that I wrote this piece. Let me share, and let me know what you think.

just us and a summer

shaking salt along eastern islands
we set out for unnoted treasures
walking up and down
pushing dunes aside

along the way
you held me under furious waves

full silver linings
scream through the day’s silence
beads of sweat hold on
stepping back we cowered at the miles
aging topside's set the shore ablaze
lazy eyes followed wings on nautical breeze
as each scavenger dove on command
sweeping us inland

grain for grain, we left with more in our shoes
every beach had its chance


Toon said...

Sounds perfect for reading on a porch on porch in Connecticut somewhere.

keri said...

lOVELY... just chekcing in on you ... love your facebook entries. hope sister visit was everything.. take care, keri