Friday, June 10, 2011

Some Good News...Always

I am off to Long Island for the weekend...more pre-birthday celebrating with hubby's family. The plan is, laying on bro-in-law's beach behind their house, take the boat over to Fire Island, some sort of drink in hand here and there, munchies, dinner at six, then off to a show, back and forth between mom-in-law and step mom-in-law (con-ver-tible, top down driving on the North Fork!). Three days of doing nothing. Not even cooking. Which I do everyday at home, my part-time job, and my once a week position at the church cooking for the homeless. Things on that end are going great!

Now lets get down to the real news. I went to the eye doctor. A follow-up for my swollen left eye, the gimp eye, and the fact that my vision has done nothing but gotten worse the past five years. I discussed eye surgery. Have they developed anything to help my blind eye, and a correction for the right side? YES!!!

I am scheduled to see the surgeon in August! Yes, they do have surgeries to help correct my vision. I have been waiting for this my whole life. Growing up with one 20/20 vision was not that bad, it was like those who have two eyes. But it did cause problems for me once the vision began going down hill in my late thirties. In some ways I feel it was a handicap, and has caused problems with making and missing mistakes in writing, along with being dyslexic. So with that, I look forward to what the future, and eye doctor holds!

Also...I turned in my mini-chapbook to the MFA Blog hosted by Jessie Carty and to Jennie my instructor for the MFA program which I audited this last semester at Princeton. Both gave me passing grades for my work. They both gave me high praise for my thesis project- 'My Valley of Kings', a mini-chapbook- titles and content. I now feel confident to pursue returning to college if that is what I wanted to do.

Thanks for your support, and for listening...fifty is turning out to be the magical age for me...although I would love to re-visit 33 and my Irish trip...and for selfish reasons...


Jeanne said...

E--congratulations on your chapbook. And about your eyes--that's incredible! Maybe they'll figure out knees before mine give out entirely.

I'm interested in the cooking you're doing at your church. Have you posted about it? Give me a link or a title so I can check it out.

And, happy upcoming 50th--the best is truly yet to come.

Jim K. said...

Cool news! The second eye makes it
easier on the first and helps in
low light as well. Busy with the
'art'. Keep on keepin on.

Toon said...

Hope you are having a marvelous time!
(and congrats!)

Pearl said...

congrats on finishing your chapbook. its wonderful to get that support from instructors.

and the eye-surgery prospect is promising. it's unsettling when one's senses disappear or are wonky.