Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bigger In Texas

Lets get down to the heart of this matter. And its not a healthy heart if you eat lots of those cookies shown in photo. Girl Scout cookies have gotten high in price. Over four dollars a box?! Yes. I drove by some girls at a 7-11 chain convenient store where four or five girls holding homemade poster board signs. They were advertising $4.50 a box. I did not stop.

Yes, I drew the line three years ago when hubs finally stopped bringing them home from work. He would order them from the guys (daughters). I would buy them from the tables set-up outside Super Fresh. We both ended up at the kitchen counter with so many boxes. We also ran for the scales after eating a whole box each, until they were gone. No more. I say boycott them. Just do not buy them.

If they went down in price I might be tempted again. Sorry thin mints, I do miss you. Frozen are the best. "No. No. NO!"

In 1933 troops were selling homemade cookies. When did this go array? Wiki says in 2009 the prices went up due to ingredient costs and shipping. I say they went up way before that. Not sure, since I do not have facts or photos. But I do know that one area here they sell for $4 a box and you go a few miles down the road and they are 50 cents more.

Did you know that food blogs attract more attention with sweets and dessert posts than with regular meal posts? Yes, often bloggers complain this happens. We all have a sweet tooth. That is why Girl Scouts do so well with cookie sales. That should tell you something about why America is the number one obesity country.

Is this going to take down the entire GS cookie empire? No, but maybe someone will read this and remember...when you see the boxes, just say "No!" and walk on past. Or drive by like I did. Drive straight to the gym. I did. I feel much better. At least limit your load when you stop. One or two boxes at the most.

Can't someone in the organization find something healthier or more productive to sell for a fundraiser? Could we sway zombies to go after GS cookies (or promoters) instead of humans. That would be a good fundraiser activity to watch!

Girl Scouts and fans of GS cookies, please don't hate on me. I am sad diet restrictions are the cause of my outcry...blame obesity in America, not me! I once was smaller in Texas. Eating sweets hasn't helped...signed, a girl on the scales.

Link to an article on how our country is ignoring Diabetes!

(Photo above: No it's not my kitchen table. It was borrowed from Wikipedia- GS Cookies)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Twelve, Is It The Magic Number

You are more likely to connect with an old friend later in life, than with an old flame. This is not a extraordinary thing I have figured out. Just my opinion. But it can be just as fun. Full of love. Something we all desire.

I have no desire to look up an old boy friend, although I have, my first love. A boy friend of four or more years. I was fourteen when he and I first saw each other on the street in front of my parents house. As usual we were playing soccer in the street when he came up and took our soccer ball just to be mean.

I was the oldest of the group, until he interrupted. He was two years older than I and one of the neighborhood boys older brother. We saw each other off and on for the next eight years. My younger sister had the pleasure of calling his house to say hello for 'us'. Hubby would love to have met him.

Okay back to my point. If you are in your forties or fifties you are less likely to look up an old flame. One reason could be you are already married, and hopefully happily. Another reason is you can't stand any of your old boy friends. It took you years to figure out why you kept picking losers and now you have the best gem available.

Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that and another twenty something or so years will pass. I am totally being sarcastic right? No. Relationships are what you put into them. People cheat because they get bored. They begin to search out what they think was a moment of complete happiness and they screwed it up. They want another chance. Maybe because they are not happy in the now.

Friendships work the same way. Eventually we realize those childhood relationships are not giving us what we might desire. Maybe the other person is not as positive in their lifestyles, you are tired of listening to their unhappiness and you move on. Sometimes you do more than grow apart. Tragedy can cause rifts, and you simply disappear. Similar to marriage deterioration. Family relationships work the same way. Anger can play a role.

Well I myself have slowly begun to evaluate my relationships within family, friends and my own marriage. You will be happy to know we are doing great. In love like the day we met. But I have had to do some soul searching in the family department. Counseling is helping with that. Family is unconditional, just like a marriage should be. I don't mean give give give and do not take. It is a fifty fifty thing. I firmly believe in that.

Friends, well I have slowly reconnected with friends from before my daughter passed away. Grief was like a fog for me, and I cannot believe it's been this long, but it has been twelve years. In counseling I have come to realize that no matter what family or friends have done or not done for me, I do love them all.

I even care about the old flame, but most likely he and I will never reconnect. Not if his wife has anything to do with it. I have reconnected with two four people this week. And I look forward to hearing about their life's joys and pain if that is what it takes to show them my heart is a big place. There is plenty of room for anyone who can handle me.

I have learned all too well something my grandmother would say when I would share my hurts with her, 'Love and forgiveness is something that grows with time'. We learn to put what is more important up front over what we once felt was more pressing. I wish my grandmother was alive to talk about it with me. I had no clue when I was twenty something. No clue at all. Until now. And it is only beginning.

Remember to say 'I love you' to your spouse, family, and friends. It might be something they need from others.

(photo above is property of my son, Aaron and his now ex, Andi- 2011)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Again

A little Haiku play...

My toes
must know there is
snow outside

My feet have never been so cold. Well, maybe last every winter. My friend Grace says it's time for double socks. I hate socks, and the cold feet, hands, warm hearth thingy pops into your my mind. It doesn't warm me up one bit.

Things are going well. My first 'short' book manuscript is done. Sent it out to beta readers, 'When Your Stomach Growls'. It is a humorous book indeed. A supplemental to the already growing survivalist books out there.

Working on new website. Barely breaking ground on design. Sigh. Lots of work will go into this one. We don't want a cartoon'ish title banner. Interviewing and getting bids on artwork. May end up doing it myself. Sigh. It means I have to learn Ai. Yet another program. Am I getting to old for all this classroom stuff. I feel like it at times, or more like a kid dragging her feet in through the front door.

Z-composition's submission deadline is midnight tonight. Editors and I are excited to get the first issue up February 1st!

And...don't forget Jessie Carty's 'Make Friday Write' posts. We share, and we care...

My son sent me a hungal writing book (Korean symbol journal) for mothers day, and then a I got a post card from Hong Kong. Little things mean so much.

Now a poem to be printed in the book for my son...

(Poem removed by author) Thanks and come back to view other works in progress...

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Must Laugh

My neighbor Lisa posted this photo on Facebook, which probably was taken from another friend, so I apologize for stealing someones pic. But it was too cute, and relates to yesterday's re-post of 'On The Road Again'. Hopefully you read it, or if not click on link and please visit. Thank you.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Re-post: On The Road Again

I wrote 'smutty' bike piece a few years ago right after I got my bike. When what I really dreamed of, well, you go read.

I now have it hooked up to a stationary stand in my living room. I wanted to ride all year long. Thought it might not be safe in the snow, yeah what snow here! with my clumsy ways.

Many found it entertaining, so I thought I would do a re-post it so I can remain involved in my writing the next two weeks. Enjoy!

As of late I have been having hot and heavy dreams of gettin' down and dirty...well, we will just keep it at down and dirty...and then hot flashes come on as I see a hot leather wearin' husky biker dude whiz by me..."Its time to get down and dirty with my own bike" comes to this metal cowgirl's mind...

Yeah I know it is not the same, but here is my fast, fierce, furious, and very orange (favorite color) metal to the petal, with a touch of silver to give the cops a run for their money as I zoom by! The past few years have been my time for orgasmic orange colors, and when I walked into the bike shop last summer and saw this beauty. I said "Come home with momma you sweet looking young thing...". Being, this was the last one the shop had I just gulped as the salesman said "I will have to check if the frame can be fitted for you...and we do not have any more...

"Oh how I want you like I have never wan..."
I thought holding back my cry of 'whoa not another disappointment'. He came out and started working with it, and to my joy he said to "go give it a try". Off I went out the door, down the street, arms in the air (hey ...I still can do that?), around the corner, down another street, around another corner, and then I remembered that we had not paid for it yet, so I returned.

Debra @ Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History was showing off her hot ride the other day, so I decided to pull mine out and take him out for a spin in the sunshine! Cloudy days of winter are just beginning so the sun will give us renewed energy... Yes, I love the way his saddle fits so nicely between my legs. Soft, cushy, with just enough bounce. My feet slip right into the stirrups (well pedals), and off I ride into the wind... If worse comes to worse by next fall and he has been a bad boy...on the back porch he will go. Do not feel sorry for him, we can always wrap lots of vines around him and a thief will think it is a pumpkin patch.

This is not quite the ride Debra has, but he is my training wheels to the big guy...Harley..."Oh baby I know you are calling my name...thoughts of your roar and hot motor between my legs still make my blood run so hot. "My darling you will have to be understanding and know I have another year to wait, and to talk the 'other' man in my life into letting me take you for my own. He is a little jealous that I might not ever come back once we have melded together...so, for now you are in my novella, Taking Cover and being taken care of by Casey Roberts. Sorry...mon amour, I have to share you for now...and its not with the buttocks and legs you prefer strapped around your rock solid torso"...

My friend Howie, who is a musician, heard I wanted a 'Harley' and gave me this pick. He said it will have to appease me for now as he sang...Strumming my pain with his engine, Singing my life with his wheels, Killing me softly with his song, killing me softly, With his song...telling my whole life with his roar...er...er...ers...

Until then my darling, my Harley...mon amour est à jamais

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Balancing Everything Okay?

Seems like you are all getting along well. I am over to your blogs reading the updates. As well, this side is fine too. Been busy getting things in order over at Z-composition. Getting submissions in on a daily basis. Editors are ready. Do need to get a few people to come over and help edit the site. Since Doggybloggy mentioned it the web designer nor I hadn't caught a few mistakes on all of our parts.

But otherwise it seems to be going in a natural positive manner. We will get 'Red Dashboard' Publishing up and running soon as well. The site will link up to Z-composition and will begin with our own yearly anthology in October or thereafter. It's our first one, so we shall see.

Lots of writing going on, on this end. How about you? Having some twitter fun as well. Silly stuff.

Thinking of doing a Necro-crawl (my own name for Zombie walk) in Princeton or thereabouts around October to launch the site. Kind of a grand opening of sorts. Zombie walks seem to be the big thing right now. How long can this all go on? I have read that there is such a love for this stuff, even years before it was the in thing, it could go on for many years to come. Romero is producing a new movie that is in the works 'The Zombie Autopsies' so this will give a resurgence to the movement.

My son is coming next month, and then we go to Texas. I will bring my sister back up and I have some fun things planned for her on the Open Mic circuit and even a camping trip to revive 'Big Foot' visitations. Spoke with his agent on the phone today, and he is looking forward to roaming the Pine Barrens again. Fun! Just lots of Fun! going on around here.

I wish for lots of Fun! things for you as well. Take care my friends. Smooches.

(Photo above from Jeju Island trip in Korea. Lots of pumpkin, and we know I love those!)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just A Funny Memory

Not only do I have the wildest Sci-Fi dreams, but I have some crazy experiences outside of the home too.

Yes, at least I think I do.

I may have to post some old funnies next week...

What is going on in your neck of the woods?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

We Had A New Year Visitor

Meet Nicky. He is a grayhound and beagle mix. I laugh when I think of how that one worked. He is a neighbors pet who is getting rather old. I have begun taking on an extra job here and there to keep myself busy...er.

His mom got sick over the Christmas break and had to be hospitalized and so their holiday celebration was put off another week. They ask if I could house sit and keep an eye out for Nicky. Sure.

So he came over last night to celebrate the New Year. He slept most of the evening after his dinner walk as we watched a movie and some midnight NYC celebrations on the teli.

At times I think maybe getting another pooch would be good for me, but they are a lot of work. Then Nicky here lays by my side with his head on my lap and I just feel so loved. Maybe a dog is in our future.

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's celebration...got your black eyed peas ready? I do!