Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Balancing Everything Okay?

Seems like you are all getting along well. I am over to your blogs reading the updates. As well, this side is fine too. Been busy getting things in order over at Z-composition. Getting submissions in on a daily basis. Editors are ready. Do need to get a few people to come over and help edit the site. Since Doggybloggy mentioned it the web designer nor I hadn't caught a few mistakes on all of our parts.

But otherwise it seems to be going in a natural positive manner. We will get 'Red Dashboard' Publishing up and running soon as well. The site will link up to Z-composition and will begin with our own yearly anthology in October or thereafter. It's our first one, so we shall see.

Lots of writing going on, on this end. How about you? Having some twitter fun as well. Silly stuff.

Thinking of doing a Necro-crawl (my own name for Zombie walk) in Princeton or thereabouts around October to launch the site. Kind of a grand opening of sorts. Zombie walks seem to be the big thing right now. How long can this all go on? I have read that there is such a love for this stuff, even years before it was the in thing, it could go on for many years to come. Romero is producing a new movie that is in the works 'The Zombie Autopsies' so this will give a resurgence to the movement.

My son is coming next month, and then we go to Texas. I will bring my sister back up and I have some fun things planned for her on the Open Mic circuit and even a camping trip to revive 'Big Foot' visitations. Spoke with his agent on the phone today, and he is looking forward to roaming the Pine Barrens again. Fun! Just lots of Fun! going on around here.

I wish for lots of Fun! things for you as well. Take care my friends. Smooches.

(Photo above from Jeju Island trip in Korea. Lots of pumpkin, and we know I love those!)


Bagman and Butler said...

I'm glad you are so well balanced. You also aroused my curiosity and I am going to have to google zombie walks. I will probably use Yahoo since I haven't gotten used to google yet but Google's success in the search site world has created a verb. I doesn't make sense to say I am going to yahoo something.

Jim K. said...

Good exercise for a January.
I'm tweaking the craft
(if I can)... starts with
cataloging my 'voices' and
culling books. Some journals have
dreadful doodley-dull stuff lately.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I forgot to comment on this photo on FB, I love it!!!

You my dear always make me smile!

Just telling it like it is said...

can't wait to see ya!