Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bigger In Texas

Lets get down to the heart of this matter. And its not a healthy heart if you eat lots of those cookies shown in photo. Girl Scout cookies have gotten high in price. Over four dollars a box?! Yes. I drove by some girls at a 7-11 chain convenient store where four or five girls holding homemade poster board signs. They were advertising $4.50 a box. I did not stop.

Yes, I drew the line three years ago when hubs finally stopped bringing them home from work. He would order them from the guys (daughters). I would buy them from the tables set-up outside Super Fresh. We both ended up at the kitchen counter with so many boxes. We also ran for the scales after eating a whole box each, until they were gone. No more. I say boycott them. Just do not buy them.

If they went down in price I might be tempted again. Sorry thin mints, I do miss you. Frozen are the best. "No. No. NO!"

In 1933 troops were selling homemade cookies. When did this go array? Wiki says in 2009 the prices went up due to ingredient costs and shipping. I say they went up way before that. Not sure, since I do not have facts or photos. But I do know that one area here they sell for $4 a box and you go a few miles down the road and they are 50 cents more.

Did you know that food blogs attract more attention with sweets and dessert posts than with regular meal posts? Yes, often bloggers complain this happens. We all have a sweet tooth. That is why Girl Scouts do so well with cookie sales. That should tell you something about why America is the number one obesity country.

Is this going to take down the entire GS cookie empire? No, but maybe someone will read this and remember...when you see the boxes, just say "No!" and walk on past. Or drive by like I did. Drive straight to the gym. I did. I feel much better. At least limit your load when you stop. One or two boxes at the most.

Can't someone in the organization find something healthier or more productive to sell for a fundraiser? Could we sway zombies to go after GS cookies (or promoters) instead of humans. That would be a good fundraiser activity to watch!

Girl Scouts and fans of GS cookies, please don't hate on me. I am sad diet restrictions are the cause of my outcry...blame obesity in America, not me! I once was smaller in Texas. Eating sweets hasn't helped...signed, a girl on the scales.

Link to an article on how our country is ignoring Diabetes!

(Photo above: No it's not my kitchen table. It was borrowed from Wikipedia- GS Cookies)


dash deringer said...

I love sweets! I love pastries and chocolate... and I love candy... and at one point I loved girl scout cookies as well, and it was in 2009 that I made my last purchase of boxes from them - they were just too high in price. I made the decision that they just were not worth the price they were asking - they're good but not that good... and I always wanted to help the girl scouts and cub scouts (former scout myself), but they need a better plan. At 42 I have to work extra hard to look good and maintain my diet of Pastries and chocolate and candy, perhaps it is my Latin Heritage why I need bread and I do not see myself giving it up anytime soon - I am the healthiest person in my family, even healthier than the extreme health freaks I am related to. Every morning, no matter where I am, I always go for a brisk 30 min. walk and do my crunches for 10 min. followed by 10 min. of lifting weights, and then at night 10 min. of crunches and 10 min. of weights again - I look better and feel better now at 42 than I did at 22... but as long as I can find a Mexican bakery, I'll be damned if I am going to give up my pastries...

Chef E said...

V. I am glad you appreciate me :)

Even if we all exercised on a regular basis, the cookies have to go. We eat way too many sweets. They are too high. Even the so called sugar free/fat free stuff is not good. Our body doesn't know the difference, plus they cost a fortune and are just a little in those packages. Rip off!!!

When I die, I am coming back as you. Look out girls!!!

Chef E said...

Oh and I agree, they are not worth the price, they are not that good!

Pearl said...

the mint cookies I miss. cousin grew too old for Guides and my supply dried up.