Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Re-post: On The Road Again

I wrote 'smutty' bike piece a few years ago right after I got my bike. When what I really dreamed of, well, you go read.

I now have it hooked up to a stationary stand in my living room. I wanted to ride all year long. Thought it might not be safe in the snow, yeah what snow here! with my clumsy ways.

Many found it entertaining, so I thought I would do a re-post it so I can remain involved in my writing the next two weeks. Enjoy!

As of late I have been having hot and heavy dreams of gettin' down and dirty...well, we will just keep it at down and dirty...and then hot flashes come on as I see a hot leather wearin' husky biker dude whiz by me..."Its time to get down and dirty with my own bike" comes to this metal cowgirl's mind...

Yeah I know it is not the same, but here is my fast, fierce, furious, and very orange (favorite color) metal to the petal, with a touch of silver to give the cops a run for their money as I zoom by! The past few years have been my time for orgasmic orange colors, and when I walked into the bike shop last summer and saw this beauty. I said "Come home with momma you sweet looking young thing...". Being, this was the last one the shop had I just gulped as the salesman said "I will have to check if the frame can be fitted for you...and we do not have any more...

"Oh how I want you like I have never wan..."
I thought holding back my cry of 'whoa not another disappointment'. He came out and started working with it, and to my joy he said to "go give it a try". Off I went out the door, down the street, arms in the air (hey ...I still can do that?), around the corner, down another street, around another corner, and then I remembered that we had not paid for it yet, so I returned.

Debra @ Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History was showing off her hot ride the other day, so I decided to pull mine out and take him out for a spin in the sunshine! Cloudy days of winter are just beginning so the sun will give us renewed energy... Yes, I love the way his saddle fits so nicely between my legs. Soft, cushy, with just enough bounce. My feet slip right into the stirrups (well pedals), and off I ride into the wind... If worse comes to worse by next fall and he has been a bad boy...on the back porch he will go. Do not feel sorry for him, we can always wrap lots of vines around him and a thief will think it is a pumpkin patch.

This is not quite the ride Debra has, but he is my training wheels to the big guy...Harley..."Oh baby I know you are calling my name...thoughts of your roar and hot motor between my legs still make my blood run so hot. "My darling you will have to be understanding and know I have another year to wait, and to talk the 'other' man in my life into letting me take you for my own. He is a little jealous that I might not ever come back once we have melded, for now you are in my novella, Taking Cover and being taken care of by Casey Roberts. Sorry...mon amour, I have to share you for now...and its not with the buttocks and legs you prefer strapped around your rock solid torso"...

My friend Howie, who is a musician, heard I wanted a 'Harley' and gave me this pick. He said it will have to appease me for now as he sang...Strumming my pain with his engine, Singing my life with his wheels, Killing me softly with his song, killing me softly, With his song...telling my whole life with his

Until then my darling, my Harley...mon amour est à jamais

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