Sunday, January 1, 2012

We Had A New Year Visitor

Meet Nicky. He is a grayhound and beagle mix. I laugh when I think of how that one worked. He is a neighbors pet who is getting rather old. I have begun taking on an extra job here and there to keep myself

His mom got sick over the Christmas break and had to be hospitalized and so their holiday celebration was put off another week. They ask if I could house sit and keep an eye out for Nicky. Sure.

So he came over last night to celebrate the New Year. He slept most of the evening after his dinner walk as we watched a movie and some midnight NYC celebrations on the teli.

At times I think maybe getting another pooch would be good for me, but they are a lot of work. Then Nicky here lays by my side with his head on my lap and I just feel so loved. Maybe a dog is in our future.

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's your black eyed peas ready? I do!


Pearl said...

dogs have a way of making home homey.

i'd never heard of this black-eyed pea idea before this year and now you're the third direction of it.

Chef E said...

Pearl I have eaten them since I was knee high to a grasshopper! Once I hate three bowls of them and my grandmother warned me I had gone over board...lets just say 'explosion', they are something you don't want to over do in a meal!

farmlady said...

I think a dog is always in order. They are a bit more trouble than not having one, but the trade off is wonderful. Dogs are loyal, unconditional and just fun to have around. I say "Yes!" to getting one.
Have a Happy New Year. May it bring you all kinds of blessings.