Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Sides of Good

I want to go home, but due to weather, I am stuck in St. Louis.

My son is in the middle of moving, busy busy busy, so no time for mom.

I am stuck in an apartment with no real furniture to sit on, just my blow up mattress and television (a little violin playing for me yet?), and have been for two days.

Why am I complaining when others are still stuck in the airport?

Hormones are raging. Menopause sucks. Sure no cycles, but the hormones make you CRAZY!

Did I say CRAZY?

I am throwing away all the candy Andi's family gave me. I want something besides eggs and spinach for meals. Yes, I am eating very healthy, but ready to take down a cow!


Crabby is my name...

I cannot go home until Thursday or Friday. Why? Because they want to limit air traffic and other people who are waiting take precedence over my flight.

Oh well, another test. I have said in the past...my son and I last barely two weeks before we begin to ware on each others nerves...does anyone out there have grown sons?

Is it harder to enter your grown sons house and feel like you are a minor worry to them? Seems he wants to live his life, and feels I can take care of myself. What about some momma love?

I said hello Crabby, right?

My philosophy is to get it out of your system and move on...movin on...

His girlfriend, Andi (I was so grateful!) took me to Nordstroms Rack last night. I bought some furry shoes with zippers. I usually wear slip on clog like shoes, because of my high in-step in mediums, but for once I got a decent pair. A size too big, but you cannot tell. Maybe my feet look longer, and slimmer for once. Instead of short and squatty.

Yeah, that's the ticket! Shopping cures all that ails us! (and...I am laughing)

Well he does make me laugh too...yeah, he lost his razor on the trip to Texas...have you ever found some strange things when you were packing to move? He did...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

We spent an early Christmas with my ex's family. A reminder why I divorced his father so many years ago. Lots of reminders of Anelisa around, but I held back the tears.

Mary, my younger sister and I got to spend a few days together, we even slept in the same bed- something we have not done since I moved out after graduating high school. We made candy treats together, laughed and she talked my friends ears off the night before.

I got to meet Andi's parents- they were very gracious in inviting me to several family gatherings over the past week, and a Christmas concert. They like Aaron, my son, and I also feel they are the same as Engineer hubby (David is an engineer too) and I.

I was hoping to have time to write, but only a few hours when I first arrived. My son is getting ready for Korea, so we have been busy these last days.

Happy New Year to All!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thursday Poem Share Link-Up

Jessie Carty gave us a challenge- Take elements of her poem and create our own.

'Today is a slightly different poem Thursday: It’s a contest Thursday!'

Using my cell phone photo taken two years ago while visiting my son- After arriving in St. Louis we hit the local super market and these were laying in the parking lot. Often wondering about the story behind something like this, I wrote my own humorous imagination spell (needs lots of edits) about how two people are brought together by the shoes. Now I take my idea into a prose for Jessie's contest.  

Here is my entry, co-written by Cheryl Hamilton Bradley, my best friend in Texas, as we sit in her office with my hair straight up in the air (see below)-

Super Market Santa

Dave set about finding Christmas presents for all of his homeless friends. Out back of his favorite market he waited by the trash bin as damaged items are discarded. So many surprises await and lots of choices for the mental list. His own anticipation was that of a small child after Santa paid a visit. Hopefully there will be foil for making ornaments and wrapping the gifts. Stale popcorn for stringing on thread he had stowed away from past diving expeditions. Broken tree branches or cinnamon cones, artificial or real, to lay about their own abode, reminding all of the scent of season’s past. An occasional piece of jewelry brings sparkle and smiles to the women. Any food items for the Christmas Eve gathering at the park are always appreciated. He gathered up all the things he had hoped for. The jolly dumpster diver saw he had been blessed with a pair of black boots with a broken heel. He broke off the other heel and headed through the parking lot with the loaded shopping cart letting out numerous ho ho ho’s as passerby’s stared on.

"Oh My God! Only four days until Christmas!"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Baby its cold outside..."

Aren't they just adorable?...Okay enough of the lovebirds... I dropped them off at a 20's Murder Mystery so they could have some drinks and not drive home. They have not inspired, well, kind of, I got two poems started, but no time to concentrate. I met her parents last night...I am sure they feel breathing is a bit better, LOL! No I was my usual nice social self. Although my son came over and threw a joke in the mix. He kind of embarrassed me, but the dad laughed, and he is the quiet one. So its all good!

Today, physically, I feel so much better. Worked out, and lots of go go go, plus walking. My ears still hurt, but I have that inner ear problem, so with allergies and fluid, I imagine it will be a problem for a while. However, there is barely a hint of coughing and that I was sick.

Hope you all are feeling great. I just heard St. Louis is getting snow, but we are driving down to Texas to surprise a few people for Christmas. Road Trip! Yeah, an eight or nine hour, no speeding, and light snow the first three or four hours of driving, but with three people and a dog in my dad's truck...who needs sand bags.

Darn Girl, get your dirty martini with blue cheese olive drink on!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time To Get Away

A mothers heart beats normally when she knows her child is safe...

I am going to be with my son for two weeks beginning Tuesday. My son has told me he is crazy about Andi, and that he is serious about continuing his education, but with her in Korea. She will teach, and her pay will support them, along with his own money. I am sure I will send care packages for them, along with her family. I am looking forward to meeting her parents, and spending Christmas with them.

For the first time in ten years I am looking forward to the holidays. Andi, his girlfriend and I have talked about decorating, baking, and other things while I am there. I enjoyed his girlfriend Lindy with some of these things, but they have not been together in three or more years, and did not get along at all.Their fighting was too much at times...

I am glad he is happy and pursuing his dreams with someone that shares his passions...

There will be lots of writing going on while I am gone, as he works his regular butchers job...I just will not have internet, unless I go to the coffee shop. I am sure I will walk, unless they have snow storms, which I will be stuck in his apartment while he is working. However I will be writing, because I am sure my feelings are going to inspire so much...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

For Mrs. C...

I was really playing with this one last night. I Cannot sleep due to annoying coughing, so I have written four new poems...spun from memory and coconut discussions from Mrs. C.!  I was playing with several versions of this, but wanted to see what you all think. Based on a form Debbie used, that other writers made suggestion on, I felt a mirrored imagery might work here...

Mrs. C., her flaky white hat memory poem will come soon...

Diabetical Tale

Important phenomenon defines itself
portent phenomenon pours itself
into aluminum and glass mixing bowls
creaming, eggs, sugar, flour and vanilla
as beaters scraped the sides
tap tap tap TAAAP!
metal on metal entrancing
all young eyes up and down
drawn in, laughter on soft peaks
into crusts, oil and floured pans
gently and quietly shoved into the oven
held houses constructed of cake and bread
cake and bread hold houses together
small hands lured by smells sweetness
pulled to lips, smiles give way
roller coaster youth ride of cakes, cookies and pies
blood sugar rising
‘to be fat or lean’ on a good witches watch
hesitate before cookbooks
and old wounds needing to be feed
remember what is remembered what is wanted
altered judgment on perilous spun sugar trails
happy ever after requires a road of diet, exercise, and restraint
diet, exercise and restraint can co-create a happy after taste

In the last version I left the sentences in italic doubled, but then decided to re-write them in a different way...

Funny, but while searching for imagery I read, a 3D movie is being created based on the Hansel & Gretel story...not sure what monstrous imagery they will use for this film...or is Tim Burton part of this project...will Johnny Depp play the witch...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not So Poetic This Week

I will be staying off the computer this week- not feeling so poetic... I was treated at the hospital for my asthma attack, which got worse, and does with upper respiratory and bronchitis onslaught. The aftermath of steroid's pumped via IV will now ensue...

Hubby thought it was funny to take this photo of my styling with my scarf and hat...the red cheeks are kind of Christmas'y!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

All News Is Good News

Hmmm, where do I start?

I have not slept in three days, well, off and on...

My son is moving to Korea to go to school (fingers crossed), live with his new girlfriend, who is also a teacher- my baby will live further away... I believe this will be a good lesson for him in the long run.

I have been sick two weeks in a row, this time I have an upper respiratory infection- thanks to my husband, who is bringing germs home from work, and it did not help Thanksgiving his sister came for dinner and was sick- If your sick stay home! or away from me...oh Farmlady I can so relate now to how you felt recently in a post, only no candy bars off to the side to console me...

I have lost more weight, and Brian, my trainer is pushing for ten more pounds by Christmas...worried me a bit, since I thought he may have felt I was lagging, but he says he really sees my body shape getting smaller and wants to encourage me to get over another hurdle and into another smaller size.

The past three months I have been consulting with a start-up gourmet food company, and they called this week to ask me to head up production in their kitchen. I will begin part-time and see how things go. I am up for this, and feel it will jet me into my healthy attitude. Exercise and my writing has become a focus, so if this does not work out- I will not be defeated.

I feel like Rocky on the steps, except I am coughing all the way up with my asthma meds in each hand...but smiling...

Farmlady, I do have two containers of old fashion cherry and lemon drops to help sooth that irritating cough at the end of the road...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Playing Outside The Realms


Small particles of dust, decay, and
disintegrated rock matter
collecting under our feet
under our fingernails
in the folds and wrinkles of our skin
melding with liquid or oils
in our eyes
when the wind blows
what is and what was


moves from one place to another
riding freely
on tongues
disgraceful gossip
about the private lives of others
soiling reputations in the garden
of good and evil
If looked at with a microscope
you will see, a whole other world
of damage and waste

Also, I have been singing this song while searching for an ole recipe my mom used to make. I did change up the lyrics some...

My momma done tol' me/ when I was a young girl/ men won't stop- no/
until they get what they want/so- go ahead and sail/ down rivers of
heartbreak/ it works both ways/ yeah- a woman'll sweet talk/ revenge and scorn/ leavin men beggin for more...

(from Blues In The Night by Johnny Mercer/composed by Harold Arlen)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...and remember...

Do not over eat...save room for PIE, oh and have a glass of wine...wine hard, good, and lay off the lard! Heh! I love ya all!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Have I Gone Cannibalistic?

A Philadelphia resident and friend of mine turned 80 this past week. He and I are fellow poets. Pasqualle Varalo is quite a character. He makes me laugh and we both share loss of someone dear to us. His wife died ten days before my daughter, but that does not stop us from getting into trouble. I made his birthday cake for his large party in Philly this Saturday. He has called me several times to say thank you for my work of love. I also gave him a funny gift. I mean, what do you give an eighty year old who has or could have everything they already desire?

He is lonely, but I cannot help him there! I could not sleep one night, so I began to think of what I could say to him at his party. Should I read a poem? I would need to write one if I did. No, I would roast him. Surely his funny military buddies would come and we could all tell funny stories about him. That was it! But what else could I do? A performance piece of some kind? Yes!

I decided to take some rope, and a few other fun props. I had him come up to the front of the room. He had hired a band, so the dance floor area would work. I had him take off his jacket, he kind of acted startled. I had him sit down, and behind his back I pulled out the rope and showed the 100 guests and they started laughing. I began to tie him up. Then I pulled out some celery stalk and a bag of carrots. I said he was running around introducing me as Chef E, and how great I was, so I figured I was going to really 'Roast' him in the chef way...then I had him hold a potato and an onion. Everyone got into it and was laughing.

I told the guests how we met and a few stories, then asked if anyone else had something to say to him...he was tied up and not going anywhere! Many nice people came up and spoke to him. His sons and a woman read a poem she wrote for him. Also other friends and family came up. His youngest son brought tears to our eyes, telling his father how he realized the importance of their relationship in spite of his bad behavior all those years leading up to this date, so I know in the end I did a good thing.

Sometimes we may feel an idea might come across as uncomfortable, but in the end you will open a door for someone else. This was my birthday wish for Pasqualle. To have a moment he might not have had without my silliness.

Happy Birthday Pasqualle- I love ya!

Chef E

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Publishing Takes Work

If you have not gone over and read Bryan Borland's poetry site, you need too. He has started his own Publishing company, Sibling Rivalry Press, and is getting recognition all over the place. "Very talented young man is he"- Yoda, Star Wars...(oh okay, really me)

I wished I possessed the talent to just produce work the way he pops it out. I can at times, produce three or four in a day, then I am dry for days, maybe a week. Unfortunately they say pain can bring out a voice we never had before. He and I have tasted loss, and not a good flavor I might add

Well when he does produce something that pops off me, then I really get excited. I need many more poems for my first book, and am finding it rather difficult to admit I set the goal of 'The end of November' as my deadline for completion. I am giving myself more time. I need at least 30 or more poems for the book and I am barely halfway there. No worries, I will get it done by March. Bryan told me not to edit so much, and I felt like..."Wow does he have a camera in my living room"? Yes, I tend to redo my work, worried its not perfect, so I throw it out at you to see...when I can, you all will be put on the payroll! LOL or I can cook you a good meal when you come visit, or vise versa!


Bryan Borland made a milestone
marking his dad’s passing. Grill

char stains his apron, writing code,
another poem onto his life page. I

remember my own mother
wanted me to be a nurse, because

I cared so much; however
the stitches I had sewn into

my wounds are ripped open
time after time. When I begin to feel

warmth running down my knees
forming a puddle at my two left feet;

its reflection leaves me faint
at the sight of my own blood.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seriously, A Good Laugh

My dreams are just way to crazy for reality. Many of them I begin short stories, or poems, if I can make sense of them. Are yours? I guess we are concerned with unspoken things sitting in our frontal lobes. Right, well wait till you read this short-

Groggy I lift my head up from the pillow to see the sun has come through Wednesday morning, drying up our stormy Tuesday mess. I notice my husband's closet door is shut and the pathway past his elliptical trainer is clear of his shoes and cloths. I shrug it off and walk out to the bathroom where I find a sparkling clean clutter free room as well. Again I shrug my shoulders and think nothing of it. Pulling on my jeans there is still evidence of water on the bell bottom edges. I have lost weight over the past months and because they constantly fall lower than meant to be worn levels- the back bottoms are dragging on the ground, causing some unraveling to occur. This is a fashion statement my son has told me, so I continue to put myself together. There seems to be an urgency to get out of the house. Going down the first set of the staircase I begin to notice no paper work along the edges. Our system of sending paper work from downstairs to the office.

Going around the curve I begin to see more evidence of a extraordinarily cleaner house than me or my husband are concerned with; unless we are having a dinner party. I begin to hear a vacuum cleaner to my left; its in the living room area, and the back door seems to be open due to sensing a cool breeze. There is an short and bald African American man in a black leather jacket and jeans cleaning my floor. He nor I are not too puzzled, I tell him I have to go out and will be back later. I linger long enough to notice he has picked up my iron from the closet. I quickly dot out the front door. Cutting across our small condo lawn to the neighbors house it seems things have quickly turned into a need to let someone know a stranger has broken into my condo. My neighbor has approached his front door and walked right through me. Did he not see me? The police are now around the condo, but the man vacuuming is gone. Strange feelings are taking over and then I hear my neighbor tell his wife a man has been reported to break into homes, clean house, and then kill the residence.

I soon find myself in a store front looking out onto the street and I see a shadow of a man from behind me, he has red glowing eyes...

Hope you enjoyed this, as I told my friend Randi what I dreamed she laughed- I got up this morning and first thing was look to see if I had cleaned house in my sleep! Nope, my days chores are staring me down as we speak! Have a great day- Chef E

Monday, November 8, 2010

Recent Publication

I had taken notice of an online publication GetSparked.org which every quarter of the calendar year pairs up a writer either with a photographer, visual artist, musician, or composer...so I went for it. Receiving my first piece of 'Inspiration' from Mark Owen Martin, a composer called 'Passepied'.

A bit nervous about what to send, I decided to give him an unpublished piece called Texas Skies, and then I began listening to his piece over the next week. See you get ten days to write your final submission.

In that time I thought and thought about what it was I was hearing, and then began to hear what I was feeling. The piece took me to a place I longed for, my grandmothers home and in the room we all gathered each visit- her kitchen. So I thus created 'Feast of the Absent'; its kind of a whimsical fantasy, but says what I feel.

The site has the inspiration piece paired with his final piece, not the other way around I had thought should be, but go enjoy and tell me what you really think (my final piece is with his inspirational).

PS- I am taking down any poetry I feel serious about for publication after a few days, so if you wanted to see something- let me know and I will send it to you personally, otherwise its down for good. - Chef E

Thursday, October 28, 2010

...roll on river roll on...

A beef with my head and the van door frame has caused some delays in being able to look at my computer screen for long periods of time in the form of a concussion, and now an eye infection in the only good eye I have...sometimes someone else can just say it better...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I love to read things I would normally not be interested in, but am curious by a spark, or thought. I was doing that a bit- instead of seriously writing and doing some paperwork I needed to get done. So this is my attempt at word play...and a great way to use photos I randomly take when I am out and about...

Want to come and get your syzygy on
with me
libation units on the floor
full moon rockets colliding
as we take each others hands and turn
about the room
wavering limbs signaling the others
to join us
as the band plays until dawn

Want to come and make a scene
with me
be our own stars
faces on a billboard no one sees
post rugged urban walkers spittoons
along the slum streets of tomorrow
we will go down when the money is right
and rise when we are told
as directors abandon sets and dreams

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Arts In Spain

Spain was full of art. You could not drive five miles without seeing it on the corner of each street, the side of the highway, or in their buildings and wineries! The wine was art, well they called it 'food'.

We saw the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, and so much more. An eye opener for my son as well; it had been a while since we had gone to museums together.

After Aaron left Spain to return home, hubby and I headed back to Madrid. We stayed at the Hotel Silken Puerta America Madrid, a piece of art in its own right. Downstairs was a bar, Marmo. We went down to have a complimentary drink from the hotel for being special guests and I noticed art work hanging in the windows.

There was also a buzz in the air, a sort of party, as people kept arriving and greeting this handsome tall Spaniard. I noticed this unique fleur de lys wallet chain hanging from his side. A beautiful silver piece of jewelry art. So I had to compliment him, and ask about his works- a style of graffiti photography.

His work? Moving. He has a great eye. I believe if Spain would take notice, there are many places his work would work in that modern city, matter of fact, many places in Spain should take notice. Great work! Fernando from what I can read of the Spanish on his site- he has done photography work for fashion magazines in Paris and other important artwork in his business in Madrid.

I met Fernando Iglesias- Graphic Artist and Photographer. What a nice guy and his friends equally friendly. One spent four years in California. He had his mother at the opening, his mother!

'Urban Walker' was the title of this showing. He has other real gallery shows going on in the city, and his website is note worthy as well. Go check h
im out! The music is also a plus...

NOTE: I am performing my one woman performance art show, Red Dashboard in northern New Jersey by invitation of Vox Poetica, and will be in Englewood for the show by 9 PM, if you can make it! Will post next week...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Prompt

What do you see? What does it stir up...

Is this what it looks like in heaven
beyond the clouds

passing layers of atmosphere and space
A maze for the child

inside us all is the desire
to break through

go to heights we have never reached
super power strength

speeding through the top
materials seen as obstacles

which would not hurt us
if we would just climb

examine each floor
becoming stronger

letting time and gravity
lift us like God's angels

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Update with Chef E

Ha! Like I have my own show on SNL, and many followers...oh well, a girl can dream.

I posted a quiz on facebook, and sometimes, well all the time laugh at my own jokes, but here it is... 

What do you do with your napkins in a Tapas Bar in Spain?
A) Throw them to the bulls
B) Offer them to the other guest
C) Drop them to the floor, at your feet
D) Eat them, because the food is too little

Did you know that when eating in Tapas Bars (above) it is not polite to leave your napkins on the bar- just throw them down on the floor, at your feet. I saw the napkins on the floor at many places, so any doubters out there, I got it first hand from the source.

I am back from EspaƱa, and had the most terrific conversation with a young man, Dani on the return flight. We passed three hours with good conversation. He is traveling to Montreal to visit with a young woman he met in Madrid, his home town. I wish him luck in his personal and professional life.

After returning at four in the afternoon- unloading and doing lots of laundry, ech!, I fell asleep at seven o'clock while watching a movie. I found it was hard to recover from the Europe clock and woke up off and on from three until six thirty. I am determined to maybe go to the gym if it continues, as I was once a regular early morning swimmer.

Lots of walking and small meals took place, so I feel the losing weight issue is still on full throttle. I enjoyed being with my son for two weeks in the beginning of the trip, and if anyone wants to see the photos, friend me on facebook.

Restaurant updates will begin on my Food ~ Wine ~ Fun! site in another week. I have lots of writing to do, and drafts of work to begin for my book, to be published next spring.

Lots of beautiful people were met (an artist, Fernando Iglesias- will do a review), food and wine were had, and I loved Espaina better than Italy. Sorry for those of you partial to Italy, but it was much more adaptable for me, for many reasons, and not enough time to explain.

Otherwise...hasta la luego my friends!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Culinary Passion

One of my 'new' writing pass times for the past year is Food Poetry. I an featured on Crop To Cuisine radio program out of Boulder Colorado. Last poem they featured along with a show about Fair Trade and Organic Coffee was my poem 'Barrista'. One day I will do a chapbook of my food poems.

Often it is from passion inspiration, an instantaneous moment of taste bud delight that I write something of this nature. If I ponder too much, the words just take too long to come and I am fickle. My father said it, and he was right.

Well taking a day off from being a tourista, I set my sights on room service, and writing. Of course when I let the urge to order something not planned, but with, and always a quest to find something out- I asked room service if the kitchen could share a secret...here is what happened!

PS- I will post the photo I took in a few days...to see if I conquered poetically...turns out I will be on the road the next few days, so I am adding the photo now...


One by one
five finger slaves take hold

prehistoric- Iberian statuesque mound
Within the eyesight of Toledo hillside

subtle orange-red sky line
blankets history marries cocina-archy

Holy grails, piquant lava spill
stain, sting the soul as it goes down

Archeological finds have been greater
Culinary discovery in due course worth more

than geological religion
10,000 years of cultivated existence co-exist

In common russet shaped craft
traveling shore to shore today

Ceasar Pollo at my side
Porcelain fortresses had no chance

- Chef E

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Funny Travel Stories

I have so many funny stories to tell about my son and our travels to Spain, but I have no idea where to start. Over all we have had a great time. My son had to leave before us to go back to work, and school. I missed him the minute he kissed me goodbye.

He had a great time. His Spanish was perfect, and he learned even more. You could tell by the expressions, and the way he spoke about things- he has the travel bug, just as I did at his age. I was in France, Germany, Denmark, Amsterdam for three months when I was 24. Just before I got pregnant with his sister. Going to another country changes your whole perspective on life, along with all the other aspects that roll your way.

You can also tell the others out there who have traveled, or lived in other countries, and are great to talk with. I know not everyone can travel, and that I have been fortunate in my work and relationship to have this luxury, so I am grateful to experience it. I want this for my son, as he has said he and his new sweetie want to live in Korea for a year, and then south America.

What a great way to see the world as teachers, and I am happy for them both!

Here he is playing on the jungle gym outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain. Instantly he was drawn, as if the child I think of when I miss him reverted back. Like when I head for the swing in a playground. I wanted to just let him continue, but we had dinner reservations. At times our kids even as adults can drive us crazy, but its the times when they make us laugh, or laugh with us that are what help keep me going.

Aaron, the curtain rod fell off the wall of the hotel after you left. I heard the whole room shake when the neighbor shut their balcony door. I imagine this hotel may just fall into the wine caves if they do not figure things out...or is floor Tre just simply cursed now...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Madrid & Meeting a Blog eMi

What a beautiful person eMi is. I hope we can meet again and speak longer. We spoke of our friend Dash Daringer, about life in her beautiful city and ate at Estrada Pura, she recommended, and was a great experience.

We also met Julio Aguirre, a musician playing outside the Museum Prada; it was hard to pull away from his wonderful playing!

I am getting lots of walking in, so I hope to be up to speed with losing weight, and am eating moderately to light on this trip. Will update more later...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Revision I

After thinking on it a few days, and some suggestions from Jessie Carty's poet suitor, I made a few changes. Hopefully not chopping off too much of this soon to be duet between me and Pasquale Varallo, whose wife died ten days before my daughter did. We discussed this one day at the beach. How we both felt the day watching September 11th take place. I will share his, which will be Twin II. in my book to be published soon- 365DaysXTen.

Twin I.

September 11th, 2001 I sat and watched
as one by one twin towers

were hit by planes
people jumping from windows

still numb from my own explosion
a world no longer spinning- I wanted to jump

Looking at the screen, staring, and thinking
how sad life had gotten; how a tiny heart

held me hostage for so long
the terror of not knowing- certainty unbound

Fourteen years earlier I sat in a similar chair
and watched a space shuttle blow up

holding my new baby- hoping their loved ones
would be okay as I celebrated new life

Love and pain can occupy the same time
space, but are never the same each time around

Monday, September 6, 2010

On to poetry!

On a last summer's eve, just before fall, the new September- I thought I heard Mother Earth's bones cracking. As I sat still, tuning in to the moment, what I thought was a tea kettles whistle, did it come to light. Squirrels scurrying about, making ready for winter, they dropped an acorn or two on my head. After three months lying about in the sun did she need to speak? I was ready to listen.

Her couturiers, the birds spoke in turn, I however became distracted by life in the far distance, and all went on. Children played. Traffic horned, as wheels grind the pavement on the highway to everyday-ville.

Soon the breeze brought with it peace- canceling out disturbance with harmony. While sisters of fate, cousin to misery encouraged mosquito's to remind me- my own home calls. I left peace of mind to sing out what once was. What can be?

I stood up in all her glory, and bowed. Then with a skip, I added my own rhythm to this joyous reunion. Along the way, crushing acorn caps, I sent out  my own message, "Be cool, and love with no resistance".

Week End Update

Yes, Doggybloggy is right, I am sure it was not that hard to google the info provided and find 'Happy Ending' Lounge in NYC.

We went, we conquered, we had groupies! LOL, Robert said the people who came up to me when we were done, were like groupies. To have people who obviously had college degrees in writing and MFA's come up and say they thought my work was fantastic, great performance, unexpected,  made me feel good. I did do the writing, but if it was not for Flora, Red Dashboard would not be the same.

I am working on the video, just uploaded LoiLoScope, because my camera has the fancy smancy HD mode, so my two other options for software are not suitable, which makes it too long for youtube. Argh! I have to learn new software, but will practice while on our trip to Spain. Any advise out there? On software.

Since there has been no time to post poetry, I am going to post a short piece for my friend Lisa. She is slipping fast- Pancreatic cancer has taken over. Her husband told me Friday we could come and perform for her today, but then text me last night- "she is not sleeping" he said, and I suspect the pain is taking over. The cancer has almost defeated her. Chemo, did no good. He told me he was calling friends and family, and plans were being made. DAMN to this. It is not fair. I can be angry, I have every right to be. Adrienne is right, we should remember her beauty as we last saw her. She knows we love her. Enough Said.


I just hung up the phone. We made plans to see you. Maybe, for the last time. I already fell for you. As tears began to swell- Heaven opened up the gates; it began to rain.

I decided to quote what I had written on Friday, and to tell the audience to think of how short life can be...

Friday, September 3, 2010

NYC Here I come!

I am excited to share some new developments in my performing arts career.

Being in the food industry since I was fourteen because it came naturally, there was still this deep passion to write and perform. A way to say things that shy auburn freckle faced girl wanted to say, but...it took years of maturing to get it all out. I still work in the industry, and have some prospects for getting back into being a Personal Chef, but that only pays the bills...so,

People, I am letting it all hang out!

As a published Vox Poetica Poet, I was invited to perform some of my work as 'Red Dashboard' Saturday night in NYC, reads as follows-

Capers Literary Journal and Vox Poetica invite you to participate in, A Literary Evening...

"Editors Lisa Marie Basile and Annmarie Lockhart invite you to have some fancy martinis, listen to wonderful selected readers and participate in a short post-reading open-mic session".

7-9:30 PM (not exactly sure how it is going to roll, but Red Dashboard will be last)

After meeting with Pandora Scooter, yes that is her name. She (in photo above) is a well known Performance Arts Teacher, coach, Activist for the GLBT movement, and performs locally, has for ten years locally and in NYC. She came to my performance at WAMPP, and wanted to take me on as a student. Something I have always wanted to do, get a little theater one on one.

We are working on my range of performance, to get me from sounding monotone, which I hear it in my videos. She and I met this week, I had rehearsal Wednesday night, and Red Dashboard just performed last night at a lounge down south. Was really cool, because before we were RD, they heard Flora and I do a rendition of 'Silk Stockings' before Pandora challenged me to re-vamp it, beef it up, and add some depth to the execution. They got a choice of two different presentations, and picked the second...to come...

She also challenged me to think- not in words, but by how I feel she is experienced, and my thoughts on "What is she going to say to me as a coach thing"- and, "Who am I when I perform, E Stelling, or Chef E"? I thought maybe it is too confusing for people when they hear my friends and work associates call me this, but most have said over the past few days, as well as Pandora- Chef E is unique, so it is...it shall be...

One day until NYC, and I am very nervous, but I find once I am behind the mic, and the lights go low, things loosen up!

Oh, and if you want to come see me...email me and I will give you the location. I do not want any surprise visits from hecklers who will make me even more nervous. It takes time to perfect your work, and everyone has to start somewhere...

Monday, August 30, 2010

A confession...about WAMPP

Should I, or shouldn't I? Okay I have to get this off my chest-

I made a comment on JC's blog about how one day she will release a few little JC Jr's out into the world- it took me into how... I thought by taking on an assistant/intern so to speak for WAMPP, or at least I thought there would be a mini-E who would learn the ropes of event planning. 'They' wanted, or seem to want the knowledge. Someone from the very beginning said they were okay with all the work we had to do for the 'big' day (reason for little letters).

Believe me, I am nice enough to ask them all the time if they were okay. I am not a bitch at all. I would never ask anyone to do something I would NOT do myself! Oh yes, we had this other person on board who does events all the time, (another) 'they' had all this stuff for us- volunteers, tents, blah blah blah. They sure came through for us, uh huh!? Okay won't go there, since I repeat myself below...

The first 'they' were fine, did all the computer work they promised, seemed excited as me about the whole event...the day came...SURE we had low attendance, but it all went off well for just TWO of us doing the whole damn organizing, or should I say 'me' putting everything into play.

'They' have been so smug since it ended, no 'Thank You', just complaining! I decided to cut the ties. If 'they' think they did a great job...please...where were the tents, volunteers, and artist you said were confirmed. Grow Up 'They'. Thank god I am not a twenty something year old...oh goodness, which segway's into the latest #1 son vent- My twenty three year old son!

With his "Hey mom, someone side swiped the (the second of two I have let him borrow, well he did make one installment on his payment plan) truck while I was sleeping over at Andi's". Only a year after the other car was totaled (so not his fault either times, geez), and in the same breath he adds, "I am going to Korea for a year with my barely three month old relationship person, and in three months". "Oh and don't worry, I am going to go to school while I am there" he added. An hour of me going on about all the risks, his good job, and do not sell your belongings 'I bought you for college'.

In spite the fact I have the luxury of having three cars is beside the point- Here I will explain further- I have a catering van, of which I am using for camping and hauling WAMPP equipment now, then there is my first brand new bought and paid for of six years (someone hit him from behind and smashed it's butt in), and then the truck my dad left me when he past (low mileage GMC truck for which I loved, because it brought out the inner dyke in me), but as time goes on... I totally understand why my parents NEVER helped me financially. Let me fall out of the nest.

Daddy wanted me to be independent and learning the hard way- will stick to your ribs like my barbecue kind of parenting. Okay they were also winging it themselves not having good parenting.

If I had time to make this into a funnier piece, I would have, but my phone is ringing off the hook, I have rehearsal Wednesday, and am trying to write tonight...I am laughing, I always laugh. Distractions help you forget why you wanted to be distracted in the first place.

Okay, now I feel so much better...on to the keyboard to do some serious, and more entertaining writing!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Again!

Yes, I have been busy. this is Annmarie Lockhart of Vox Poetica Poetry and Publishing (my newest poem 'Waiting' and 'Arch' were published on her site) helping me man the table- checking ID's for wine sales, so the other guys could have a break. Do I look sunburned- oh hell yes I am. I  had sun screen on, but it became over cast and this is not a good combination for a 'ghost white fair skin girl' like me.

I will be back this next week with poetry, photos and stories. WAMPP Festival is over until October 23rd at the winery and a few fundraiser parties people are throwing. Oh how I am ready to get back to the writing, and a little more serious about working out with Brian, my gym trainer- he let me have two weeks off to run around and get things together.

Oh and I have some news, I will upload video this weekend of my new group- Red Dashboard. Musician friends Eli and Flora are doing music with my writing in the recording studio, with my reading. Twice we have performed in front of the public and they really seem like what we are doing, so we will officially begin next week working on new material, and a CD release. Poor Annmarie had to be part of my performance art last Saturday when I did a piece called 'Summer Kiss'- but you will see that in the video. We had fun, oh what fun...sultry fun!

Hope all is well with you, and I am starting to have some free time to catch up with you all! Miss ya'll! I am ready for our trip to Spain too...life is good, hope yours is good too! Hugs to everyone!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life Sucks...Now and Then

A friend of mine to whom I have only known for a few years was diagnosed with a rare form of Pancreatic Cancer- after it was all too well settled into her body. Chemo is not working, and they gave her six months, maybe a year. She is only 44 years old. Barely married to Joe for less than ten years, Lisa is a beautiful person inside and out. She looks like Jackie-O and dresses like her too.

Right after Anelisa died, I met a woman named Jo Wagner. We were friends for two years, when she also got cancer. She was the biggest inspiration, and one of my biggest cheerleaders. Not a day goes by I do not think of her and smile. I miss her. I miss Lisa. I want to go have lunch with her and laugh.

Somehow we have to go on with our life, and remember the beauty that crosses our path; its hard. Life sucks now and then...I honestly love everything in this world...even you!

Go over and read What's Cooking With Doc- Chaos

Oh, and even though I love ya- don't give me this "They are in a better place" crap. I can tell you that so many people who have been through losing someone, they have also told me it is the worse thing you can say to a grieving person! Just a hug will do...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amusing Musings

This photo reminds me of hubby and I, so maybe a poem is in order-

The One

They say when two people spend many years
together they begin to look alike, but

tonight or day your face, bright eyes,
and smile will always attract me

How funny, athletic, similar, but variant
we have always been. No one realizes

your neither quiet, nor reserved
as you may appear, and you

will always be so my type. Even
when we are apart, or I am on the edge of insanity

the solid ground you stand will be my focus, and
not the sting life can hold

Monday, August 2, 2010

Deep Ellum Blues

This past Saturday, two of my younger singer/songwriters Lance Greene and Danielle Steward were talking about the rise in the world of Open Mic. About how we bar our teeth on the experience of others; it made me want to check up on a few of my old open mic/slam poets in Dallas. So, I called Clebo to see how his wife Naomi was doing, as she has had a couple of bouts with cancer. To see if he is still teaching at SMU, and how the Poetry scene is doing in Dallas.

Clebo told me, "Things have come and gone, and are re-emerging from separatism of black and white poets back to the way it was in our day"...I tried to encourage him to not let his age make him feel he has nothing to pass on to the younger poets. We do not need drugs and alcohol to fuel our fiery words. We can keep the younger kids on their toes, show the inexperienced generation how to rock the stage.

After much thinking, I began to play with writing this piece about the 80's and 90's in Deep Ellum, David Chumley's (A NYC bar owner, who was forced out of his warehouse/bar/motorcycle space, our open mic fortress, closed down and returned back to NY), and Club Clearview (he said is gone now).

Lance, Danielle  made me feel young again, and we had some great laughs at WAMPP @ Amalthea...but as you read this, imagine my voice, accent, and hear it as a spoken word piece, not just one of my regular poems- attitude man, attitude...

Drug of Choice

In The Day my legs itched
to inhale the sights and sounds

of Deep Ellum, to tattoo bar space
grit and spoken word under my skin

Black on black, Doc Martins, reflective
silver chains hang from jeans to knees

as aging poets stepping up to the mic
one hand in their pocket, while weed

followed fierce like young
writers craving slam points

words enter your veins
slow dripping IV caused racing beats

moving to inner thighs
a young girls eyes rolling back; but

SILENCED Johnny kasmic rush with loud slams
exit door closures defibulating the room

Often, rantings of tits, pussy, beautiful
women under thunderous touch crowned Kings

I longed to mirror urban legends, authors-
wanting recognition- to raise eyebrows

Clebo Rainey, Danny Solis- LOUD southern
voices howl, defining Immoral Substance Abuse

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday B-Dawg

Not many followers are making comments on here as of late??? Did I get to risque for some of you? Oh well life is too short to be a good girl 100% of the time...

Today is Bryan Borland's Birthday, so I wanted to give him a shout out!

I also had the opportunity to read from his first Sibling Rivalry Press Chapbook-

Fag Hag – A Scandalous Chapbook of Fabulously-Codependent Poetry is perpetually single and ready to mingle. Help a sista out. Let her rest her head on your bookshelf.

The college crowd was a great venue to read my poem 'Side Order', what it might be like to be a Fag Hag, something I never had the privilege of being- the video is a bit dark, makes me look slim, as I do lately, but hey it fits the mood of what I wrote! I must say the other poets far out do my work, and are all wonderful poets. If you get a chance to go over to his site and then link up with the others, please do. I have been blessed to meet such great people over the past six months or so, and am learning from all of them!

Now I do have to say 'Thanks' to Tom the manager of Alchemist & Barrister in Princeton, because he NEVER lets anyone read poetry NEVER, and he let me, and I have a sneaky feeling he regretted that once he heard a few words in the poem- Love ya Tom! Yep, I have a wild streak now and then, but most of the time I am a really GOOD Girl *wink*...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arch & MIA

I really have missed coming over here and posting my writing. I miss Friday Shoot Out. I miss so many things, but sometimes we have to move on to things to help improve our inner self. I am only posting once a week to set aside time for my busy schedule in the working world! Yes, it feels good to work out and be in the kitchen again on a regular basis, but I still miss things...like Toon Guy...and...Farmlady...so many of you!

I miss Dallas, my home, I miss St. Louis my second home where I lived for almost two years with my son after my father and mother passed in '04. I worked as a chef running a Bed & Breakfast kitchen off Grand, and at night ran an ethnic restaurant as manager and chef. Sometimes bartender if we were really busy on the weekends. Down in the basement we had bands come and play. Before I started there was Open Mic down there, but then people were not buying food or drinks, so the owner shut it down.

This is when I began to miss the scene and began writing again. I had only written one poem since Anelisa passed in '00, and it was hard. Now I am writing on a regular basis, learning from other poets, and getting published. I am also mentoring poets in Dallas now, to help keep the Open Mic scene alive for a few people down there.

Sometime tonight on Vox Poetica, Annmarie Lockhart/Publisher, on 'Today's Words' (and then 'Poemblog'; its permanent place) one of my new pieces will go up, officially published, and you can hear me read it and talk about its moving existence which was a doorway into my future. Arch is an obvious name and will be in my book 365DaysXTen due out March 1st next year.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unknown Friends

This week on my husbands 50th birthday, a blog friend left this world. I cannot say much, but that when I hear or meet people who are suffering from some kind of illness that they may or may not recover from, I am deeply affected- forever.

Barry many people who were close to you, and love you deeply will miss you very much.

I will miss your funny post, and hope Lindsey and Linda will find peace until they see you again...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Fun

I had the opportunity to spend the day with a blogger and her daughter at a local Pavilion in West Windsor, Nassau Park off Route 1. What a beautiful day, it has rained so it was not so hot, and so fun to coerce Maddy, Hillary's daughter into the fountain- Luckily I had towels in my van when she decided the other kids WERE having fun...if I had more casual clothes on, I would have been right there waiting for the fountain to get us!

This was also one of the best photos I have happen once in a while...and when I was a kid; it was a water hose being sprayed up in the air, and maybe a more fortunate kids parents buying them a slip and slide...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful Silence

July 14th is the anniversary of Anelisa's passing. 365DaysXTen is here, and the book I am writing will be soon. I am working on more and more poetry in my spare time.

I have to say that I am better and better every passing day- my weight is falling off with my two hours in the gym and pool each day cross training. Brian rocks. He just does. I could not have asked for a cooler trainer.

I could not ask for a cooler life with friends like you around me.

My path did not go as I planned, but I was right about one thing- stay true to what you believe, work hard, love others, never complain, and do the best you can do.

There is only one regret in life for me, and that is you will never know what a wonderful person Anelisa was, except she was my mini me, only more beautiful.

Ane, as we called her was a good artist for her age and mentality. She got beyond the fifth grade when I home schooled her, as they predicted she would never be able to do anything other than handicapped type of work outside of the house, but she wanted to work for a vetrinarian. She loved animals, so I knew someone would have given her a job. Like her mom, she would have dabbled in her drawings, stitching, and other artistic endeavors. Ane even asked to help me make spaghetti and meatballs before she passed. She hated cooking before that, and only wanted mac n cheese from a box. You know where I stand on that one.

Anelisa we all miss you. Hope there are plenty of cats in heaven for ya to play with!

-Above is one of a series of self portraits she did on her own one weekend. I have this hanging up downstairs, and it is referenced in a poem I wrote recently.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love great moments like this!

How cool is it to catch a moment like this? My creative artist eye at work, well the good one anyway!

My new marketing campaign for WAMPP and SRP book, Fag Hag – A Scandalous Chapbook of Fabulously-Codependent Poetry is perpetually single and ready to mingle. Help a sista out. Let her rest her head on your bookshelf.

Yeah, I got a little down and dirty with my poem inside the book- Hey! I never knew what it was like to be a Fag Hag, so I improvised and pretended it was like a Deep Southern Fried Onion Ring 'Side Order'...

Go buy a book, and keep your minds open world- Art is in all shapes, forms, and sizes...

Also the post about Alan Bradford is up over at my Food ~ Wine ~ Fun! site, and get some kleenex out...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Starting An Open Mic

Jessie asked me a good question "Do you have any tips on starting an open mic"? Yes, there are some basic rules for Open Mics, no matter who, where or what they are, and these are what I have learned and worked for me the past two years. I began in my cafe in the health food store on Monday nights, and then we moved closer in to Princeton, and now have three locations each month.

Either works- once a week, twice a month, or just once a month. I do all three with each, people will come.

If you're interested in music and entertainment, love people, late-night crowds and lots of fun, an open mic night might be something you want to consider starting. The open mic format can vary from comedy to bands playing music and even poetry readings. Think about what you want the event to feel like and follow some of these suggestions to make it run as smoothly as possible.

LOCATION- One location decided without telling us they wanted it to stop thirty minutes before they closed, and that only gave us an hour and half for open mic. So consider, traffic and people who work. If the location is not as visible, somewhat popular, or doing well it will affect the open mic. Scope it out well on each night of the week, and that helps to spread the word to their locals. 
  • When you approach them, have two Date and Time options, and you may not want to compete with other established Open Mics in the area, so they can attend yours as well. Give them a print out with your ideas and demands ideas, then set an appointment to confirm everything.
  • Bars: People who come are not their to listen, not a good place for poetry, only music.
  • Coffee Houses: Typically a good place for anything- poetry and music
  • Diners: In this economy they are hurting, so they may have a section they will give you, and do not be surprised if they say "Let's try it out first".
  • Other: Check gourmet shops, art houses and galleries, or even empty strip mall spaces. We actually had our Cafe Improv begin there, and then it moved to the new building in Princeton.
  • Libraries and community centers: I attend several poetry readings in Libraries from time to time.
 RELATIONSHIP WITH OWNER: This is very important! I have found the most relaxed atmospheres are when the owners have no qualms about the open mic. They usually want you to do it on a slow night, make sure no one brings in outside food or drink, and periodically during emcee stands, give them a shout out/credit for your success.
    PRESS- Make sure you find out the local paper contacts and send in your brief bio and contact info at least a month before you begin. Papers are glad to list happenings around town, but keep it current. You may find some do not change info and you still get calls about another location from time to time.

    GUIDELINES, or otherwise known as 'Open Mic Policy'-

    1. Establish your authority. If you have a powerful stage presence, you're in luck. The key is make sure everyone knows who's the boss of this show, in a friendly way. Don't be afraid to make tough decisions.

    2. Prepare the venue. Make sure the stage is set up properly and that the mics are checked ahead of time. Get to know the sound mixer, so that you can adjust volume on-the-fly during a performance. I have seen some open mics not have a microphone, and reality is- that juicer or espresso machine begins to grind and sputter, some people hard of hearing, or annoyed attendees will not come back. Look professional.

    3. Always have a sign-up sheet and predetermined idea of how many can perform within the time limit

    4. In general open mics give freedom of speech in respect to children/minors being present we ask performers to restrain from usage of harsh/foul language in poetry, songs, or any spoken word content.

    5. Each performer (depending upon time start/end) two to three pieces to perform, whether musician to poet

    6. Keep equipment (bags, guitar cases, amps, etc.) off to the side and not out in open- under and around tables as to keep down accidents/casualties of guest and attendees from tripping or seemingly cluttered space

    7. Have materials ready/chosen as you are called to the microphone- dead silence is not pleasant

    8. Music Equipment must be tuned and ready- Not many people want to wait as you tune your guitars

    9. No liquids are allowed at or near electrical equipment such as mic or speaker areas- hazardous

    10. Keep the vibe of the open mic live and electric. Quickly and smoothly follow one act with another. Don't let the mood go wildly up and down. Keep a steady curve to the mood of the night. You can do this by stalling for time as the host when necessary, or by shooing off someone who is trying to monopolize the mic. Engage the audience by encouraging applause, as you go up to introduce the next performer.

    11. Make sure all performers know when they are supposed to go up to the open mic. If they know which act they are to follow, that's even better. It gives them prep time so they can get onstage and start performing when their time slot opens up.

    12. There are always going to be complaints, and those people who like to tell you how to run the open mic- be gentle and let them know that you are doing the best you can, thank them for their suggestions, and you will consider it. People come and go, numbers go up and down; it is just the way of any business or social aspect of life- do not let it make you feel like you are doing something wrong, just go with the flow...

    Optional Ideas:

    Offer Performance Art Instruction at least once a month- this helps beginner and nervous performers feel more comfortable behind the mic, and should be given by various seasoned performers, or Emcees of open mics.

    Offer Open Mic Set-Up Instructions to young adults who perform at the open mics to get them familiar with set-up, equipment usage of all spectrums of running an open mic, and if volunteers are needed each night. Use Interns from colleges to your advantage- you might want a night off, or find yourself sick, so have open mic covered with an assistant organizer.

    I run three locations of open mic in my area, and now have started WAMPP- Wine Art Music Poetry Project, so its been different each time, but still the basics are the same. Chose your location wisely!

    Thursday, July 1, 2010

    Is Deep Purple In The House!!!

    No they were not, but thank gosh Flora had ear plugs, and enough for us all!

    This band took me back to my tweens, music I was not allowed to listen to, but friends did, Yeah, my parents only played Johnny Cash and other country music, since they had control of the radio- these guys look and sounded like they are still playing off the alcohol and drugs they did back then. They were good, but too loud for a 'diner' open mic. Someone was carted out on a gurney, we still are not sure what happened back there, LOL!

    My new (I know I attract them, but no poems about this guy) buddy the massage therapist here reminded me of Chong- "Hey Man"- somebody smokin something in the parking lot? Everyone was great, and it was all good!

    The band- they're last song of the set...'What's that smell...oh oh oh what's that smell'

    This was the most FAR OUT Open Mic I have ever attended in Jersey- Now I understand why North and South Jersey are so separate...

    We have been rehearsing after my guitar lessons, so I did read my Silk Stockings poem with Flora playing a jazzy and sultry trumpet, and we got a big 'woo hoo' ovation for more, so I read my two diner pieces- I just keep wanting to say PEACE,  COOL, LOVE MAN, and all the other 60's lingo.

    The Spanish teacher from Mexico was a little bee bop for this crowd tonight...Just Sayin' blogger Diary...

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    Most Amazing Life

    Update- I am just such a happy camper right now. Not much time for writing- some here and there. Guitar Lessons and exploring other open mic venues to change it up a bit. Last night Dennis did a slide guitar with my Texas Skies poem, and Alan Bradford came out to Grovers Mill as well. He is a singer/songwriter who co-wrote with such people as Harry Chapin. He is from New Jersey, but lives down south now, and contacted me via my website on meetup to ask if I could find him some open mics to play.

    Did I say he was Amazing? Wow- you can tell the seasoned players from the living room folks, but hey we all have to start somewhere!

    Karl Dentino has the coolest guitar- he plays old rag time music and said he is enjoying his popularity, and is playing a whole lot around the area now. He was my FIRST open mic musician and has been faithful since- Thanks Karl (a preview of his cool guitar below).

    I will be playing an open mic tomorrow, forgot the name, down south with Flora Newberry, my guitar teacher and her boyfriend Mike Riley, an awesome duo. Will take some footage of both nights and upload it onto my youtube!

    Take care, and hope you all are doing fantastic!

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    Open Mic Thursday

    I am not sure why this video from my new camera is not high quality? My friend who ran my camera is a film producer, but seems others have trouble with it...but here I am at open mic Tuesday night at Grovers Mill Coffee House in West Windsor reading Jessie Carty's Mixed Drinks from her new book Paper House. I also read my newly published poem, Check Please from ReferentialMagazine.com! Enjoy...

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Meet Brian

    He has a lot of work ahead of him, and so far he has done a great job- I lost an inch after three weeks, and one of them I was down with a staph infection!

    I am committed to getting the inner m'E healthy and more like I was thirteen years ago when I was working out on a regular basis, and active with hubby!

    See my charm and sexiness are working already! LOL

    I had a great pre-birthday party last night, and thanks to all my friends out there who have sent me well wishes- turning 50 next year is going to be great! I know, 'What the heck am I doing'? Being silly like I am...

    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    Oh Farmlady How You Tempt Me

    I found an orange friend at the market I can live with! At least it fits my eating low fat...

    Only 60 calories, and Mandarin Orange, as you know orange is my favorite color and flavor!

    Wandering through the store wanting something to subside my nausea (long story, but I had a bought with my kidney, and staph infection) and hunger for something sweet, a thought hit me..."I wonder if they have some small container of intense orange sherbet or sorbet"? Well as I explained to hubby, I quit buying the larger and rather cheap plastic containers of orange sherbet years ago. Why? I would eat a few bowls, small ones at that, and then it would sit forgotten in the freezer.

    See I am a picky sweet eater. I only want a taste of something now and then, I even have a flourless chocolate cake sitting in the fridge hubby bought for my birthday this week. After one small piece I was done with it. Yes, I need someone to package, what I like, into small containers. So I can enjoy a bite now and then, and not worry about it going bad. Once sherbet has been opened and sits, with the freezer door opening and closing, after time gets ice crystals and it affects the flavor. I do not like regular ice cream. Nope only eat it once in a blue moon (been a year since my bacon ice cream).

    See I told you I was picky!

    I found something- oh Julie, how you have made me so happy!

    A box with four small bars of Mandarin delights- Julie's Organic Sorbet Bars. I ate one today after my quinoa and zucchini lunch when we returned from the gym (my trainer kicked my butt again).

    Julie's Organics, where have you been all my life?

    Oh and to explain the title- Farmlady has been experimenting with goat's milk ice cream and made chocolate. She claims it was not that great, but the photo said otherwise!

    Farmlady you temptress with your chocolate photo!

    I cannot show you the sorbet bar, because I ate it already, but trust me, if you have not had them before...go now, they are worth the price tag!

    I know I am the one who should be creating these things, but I am not really the one with the passion to make such things- 

    BTW, I am doing fine, just missed the trainer this week to stay in bed, on strong antibiotics...so, feeling much better. Let's just say I remember now why I am not suppose to drink caffeine- Evil drug that gives you false energy, and is addictive. Twenty years had passed since I had it so much in one week. I was trying to keep up with working out everyday, and my work.

    If you can go without drinking it, you must try...

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Friday Share

    Well since I was ordered to bed rest after my emergency room visit earlier this week I have gotten to rework a few poems in my archives. I like where this one is going, but the ending is stumping me-

    Cut From The Same Cloth

    Remember our first fight, as you felt the cold, hard wall slam against your back, announcing you were leaving, never to return, but instead other well laid plans were in place- excuses to get high; the only way you could deal with death, love, and change, as I sat listening to After The Gold Rush wondering if you or Neil found your vein of riches- have you shared them with another or is it all still buried deep underground, waiting for mountains to weep, “flying mother nature’s silver seed to a new home in the sun”- reality raw and exposed

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Before the Death of my Nikon Coolpix

    My camera brought me a joy I had never know with any other camera- well I never owned one before...

    I expressed beauty through an art to which...I called my own...endless forms for which I am now addicted...

    I found myself on the level of things I had ignored since childhood- like laying in the grass, pretending to be small like the insects, and small creatures who roam before dawn...things began to awaken and touch me...then my camera failed me. Blitzing out, the screen went fuzzy with green, white, and gray, then I decided to replace my Nikon with a new camera.

    These are just a few of my last times spent with the retired camera. You will be glad to know hubby has it. We were told it had a few days left for wine bottle label photos, but it could no longer go on the road with me again. Lonely it sits in hubby's office. I fear if it survives his clutter and over crowded space in that 10x10 room just to the right of climbing the stairs. Peace be with you old friend...