Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amusing Musings

This photo reminds me of hubby and I, so maybe a poem is in order-

The One

They say when two people spend many years
together they begin to look alike, but

tonight or day your face, bright eyes,
and smile will always attract me

How funny, athletic, similar, but variant
we have always been. No one realizes

your neither quiet, nor reserved
as you may appear, and you

will always be so my type. Even
when we are apart, or I am on the edge of insanity

the solid ground you stand will be my focus, and
not the sting life can hold


Jeanne said...

It was lovely talking to you (the phone did die, hope you didn't talk to space for long!). I love the poem, and even more the affection for your husband it expresses.

The smaller of the two cacti appears to be wearing a bow in her hair.

Bagman and Butler said...

Very loving poem. I may read it to my wife since it fits with us as well. Sort of. Maybe not. We are actually completely different. But there is still a compatibility. Now I'm confused. Nice poem, though.

Chef E said...

Sorry guys, but after reading off my IPhone to hubby on our way to dinner, I realized it needed some tweaking. When you read poetry out loud to someone it is a good way to pinpoint mistakes, or take out the thesaurus when you realize you used two similar words in a sentence, lol!

Debbie said...

I loved it! :) It was so sweet along with the prickly picture. Of course, I'm a Chef E fan. Shouldn't everyone be? :) deb

Katherine said...

Sweet poem. My husband and I have been polar opposites from the time dot, which was 23 years ago. We don't look alike but our values & beliefs have grown to be more alike as the years have passed on by.
Yes ... you could put eyes, a nose & a mouth on those cacti & they look as though they'd come to life. Mr & Mrs Prickle!

Jessie Carty said...

from an editorial stand point not quite sure about the end because it becomes less concrete but I love the opening and how grounded it is in what love is really all about :)