Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Again!

Yes, I have been busy. this is Annmarie Lockhart of Vox Poetica Poetry and Publishing (my newest poem 'Waiting' and 'Arch' were published on her site) helping me man the table- checking ID's for wine sales, so the other guys could have a break. Do I look sunburned- oh hell yes I am. I  had sun screen on, but it became over cast and this is not a good combination for a 'ghost white fair skin girl' like me.

I will be back this next week with poetry, photos and stories. WAMPP Festival is over until October 23rd at the winery and a few fundraiser parties people are throwing. Oh how I am ready to get back to the writing, and a little more serious about working out with Brian, my gym trainer- he let me have two weeks off to run around and get things together.

Oh and I have some news, I will upload video this weekend of my new group- Red Dashboard. Musician friends Eli and Flora are doing music with my writing in the recording studio, with my reading. Twice we have performed in front of the public and they really seem like what we are doing, so we will officially begin next week working on new material, and a CD release. Poor Annmarie had to be part of my performance art last Saturday when I did a piece called 'Summer Kiss'- but you will see that in the video. We had fun, oh what fun...sultry fun!

Hope all is well with you, and I am starting to have some free time to catch up with you all! Miss ya'll! I am ready for our trip to Spain is good, hope yours is good too! Hugs to everyone!


Katherine said...

Wow things are happening in your neck of the woods Elizabeth. Your new endeavor sounds very exciting and a trip to lucky girl!
You should get some great inspiration for your writing there. Have fun .. take care and safe travels.

Jessie Carty said...

you just can't sit still can you :)

Chef E said...

Oh I hit the gym running this week, and thank goodness I have been moving, and still eating right! Busy is good Jessie!

Thanks Katherine- I need to come over to see what you have been up too- both of you!

Toon said...

SOunds like you are in n exciting, productive place. Keep up the great work!