Sunday, December 5, 2010

All News Is Good News

Hmmm, where do I start?

I have not slept in three days, well, off and on...

My son is moving to Korea to go to school (fingers crossed), live with his new girlfriend, who is also a teacher- my baby will live further away... I believe this will be a good lesson for him in the long run.

I have been sick two weeks in a row, this time I have an upper respiratory infection- thanks to my husband, who is bringing germs home from work, and it did not help Thanksgiving his sister came for dinner and was sick- If your sick stay home! or away from me...oh Farmlady I can so relate now to how you felt recently in a post, only no candy bars off to the side to console me...

I have lost more weight, and Brian, my trainer is pushing for ten more pounds by Christmas...worried me a bit, since I thought he may have felt I was lagging, but he says he really sees my body shape getting smaller and wants to encourage me to get over another hurdle and into another smaller size.

The past three months I have been consulting with a start-up gourmet food company, and they called this week to ask me to head up production in their kitchen. I will begin part-time and see how things go. I am up for this, and feel it will jet me into my healthy attitude. Exercise and my writing has become a focus, so if this does not work out- I will not be defeated.

I feel like Rocky on the steps, except I am coughing all the way up with my asthma meds in each hand...but smiling...

Farmlady, I do have two containers of old fashion cherry and lemon drops to help sooth that irritating cough at the end of the road...


Jim K. said...

My main upper-respiratory tool
is something pho-like for soup
with the sriracha or tabasco.
That and tilting the lungs
down off a bed for a good
cough out now and then.

Jessie Carty said...

couldn't decide which post to comment on! I'm so behind :( but I liked seeing the recap and hope you start to feeling better. I've been surprisingly not sick (cold wise) this fall although stomach issues...let's not discuss!

Just hoping these smaller sized pants I bought are still wearable after the holidays :)