Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Baby its cold outside..."

Aren't they just adorable?...Okay enough of the lovebirds... I dropped them off at a 20's Murder Mystery so they could have some drinks and not drive home. They have not inspired, well, kind of, I got two poems started, but no time to concentrate. I met her parents last night...I am sure they feel breathing is a bit better, LOL! No I was my usual nice social self. Although my son came over and threw a joke in the mix. He kind of embarrassed me, but the dad laughed, and he is the quiet one. So its all good!

Today, physically, I feel so much better. Worked out, and lots of go go go, plus walking. My ears still hurt, but I have that inner ear problem, so with allergies and fluid, I imagine it will be a problem for a while. However, there is barely a hint of coughing and that I was sick.

Hope you all are feeling great. I just heard St. Louis is getting snow, but we are driving down to Texas to surprise a few people for Christmas. Road Trip! Yeah, an eight or nine hour, no speeding, and light snow the first three or four hours of driving, but with three people and a dog in my dad's truck...who needs sand bags.

Darn Girl, get your dirty martini with blue cheese olive drink on!


Jessie Carty said...

So glad you are continuing to work out. I'm getting my walks in and I had a salad today but I want to buckle down after the first of the year :)

Jim K. said...

Walks rule!
I skipped a day and felt a few
things remind me.

And soups. Soups with garbanzos.

Be careful in the first snow!
Everyone forgets, even here.

Just telling it like it is said...

Looking forward to where is that camera?

farmlady said...

So glad you're feeling better. Me too. The coughing wears you out doesn't it? What a time to get this nasty infection.
Drive carefully....