Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful Silence

July 14th is the anniversary of Anelisa's passing. 365DaysXTen is here, and the book I am writing will be soon. I am working on more and more poetry in my spare time.

I have to say that I am better and better every passing day- my weight is falling off with my two hours in the gym and pool each day cross training. Brian rocks. He just does. I could not have asked for a cooler trainer.

I could not ask for a cooler life with friends like you around me.

My path did not go as I planned, but I was right about one thing- stay true to what you believe, work hard, love others, never complain, and do the best you can do.

There is only one regret in life for me, and that is you will never know what a wonderful person Anelisa was, except she was my mini me, only more beautiful.

Ane, as we called her was a good artist for her age and mentality. She got beyond the fifth grade when I home schooled her, as they predicted she would never be able to do anything other than handicapped type of work outside of the house, but she wanted to work for a vetrinarian. She loved animals, so I knew someone would have given her a job. Like her mom, she would have dabbled in her drawings, stitching, and other artistic endeavors. Ane even asked to help me make spaghetti and meatballs before she passed. She hated cooking before that, and only wanted mac n cheese from a box. You know where I stand on that one.

Anelisa we all miss you. Hope there are plenty of cats in heaven for ya to play with!

-Above is one of a series of self portraits she did on her own one weekend. I have this hanging up downstairs, and it is referenced in a poem I wrote recently.


farmlady said...

I love Anilisa's butterflies in her drawing. They're beautiful!
You comment about cats in heaven reminds me of an old saying that goes something like "If there are no dogs in heaven I don't want to go there." Well, Anilisa knows for sure and she will be waiting there with a litter of kittens for you.
Here's to your little butterfly...

Life doesn't always go as planned and we can only do the best that we can with what we have inside of us. That's all that is asked.
You are doing this my dear.

Rachel Cotterill said...

We can tell what a wonderful girl she was from the mark she's left on you. I'm glad to hear it's getting a little easier with time. *hugs*

Toon said...

Love the self portrait! I'm so sorry for your loss -- but so proud of the work you're doing.

Altered said...

That is a gorgeous self-portrait. You can tell that she is very talented indeed! Most kids give up on anything more than cartoons by the time they are 12, but she seems to be taking things further, so it's obvious that her love of the arts was strong - probably thanks to her mother's nurturing!

Momma Cmil said...

I cannot imagine what it was like to lose someone so dear and precious to you. I applaud you for your strength and desire to continue on with your life. As long as you remember that she is always with you, your personal guardian angel sitting on your shoulder, you can always have a smile in your heart.

Jessie Carty said...

*hugs E* what a beautiful tribute!