Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arch & MIA

I really have missed coming over here and posting my writing. I miss Friday Shoot Out. I miss so many things, but sometimes we have to move on to things to help improve our inner self. I am only posting once a week to set aside time for my busy schedule in the working world! Yes, it feels good to work out and be in the kitchen again on a regular basis, but I still miss Toon many of you!

I miss Dallas, my home, I miss St. Louis my second home where I lived for almost two years with my son after my father and mother passed in '04. I worked as a chef running a Bed & Breakfast kitchen off Grand, and at night ran an ethnic restaurant as manager and chef. Sometimes bartender if we were really busy on the weekends. Down in the basement we had bands come and play. Before I started there was Open Mic down there, but then people were not buying food or drinks, so the owner shut it down.

This is when I began to miss the scene and began writing again. I had only written one poem since Anelisa passed in '00, and it was hard. Now I am writing on a regular basis, learning from other poets, and getting published. I am also mentoring poets in Dallas now, to help keep the Open Mic scene alive for a few people down there.

Sometime tonight on Vox Poetica, Annmarie Lockhart/Publisher, on 'Today's Words' (and then 'Poemblog'; its permanent place) one of my new pieces will go up, officially published, and you can hear me read it and talk about its moving existence which was a doorway into my future. Arch is an obvious name and will be in my book 365DaysXTen due out March 1st next year.

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Jessie Carty said...

i need to post less i think but i can't seem to stop :)