Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I love to read things I would normally not be interested in, but am curious by a spark, or thought. I was doing that a bit- instead of seriously writing and doing some paperwork I needed to get done. So this is my attempt at word play...and a great way to use photos I randomly take when I am out and about...

Want to come and get your syzygy on
with me
libation units on the floor
full moon rockets colliding
as we take each others hands and turn
about the room
wavering limbs signaling the others
to join us
as the band plays until dawn

Want to come and make a scene
with me
be our own stars
faces on a billboard no one sees
post rugged urban walkers spittoons
along the slum streets of tomorrow
we will go down when the money is right
and rise when we are told
as directors abandon sets and dreams


Debbie said...

There is so much I love about this! And to take pictures, then write to them. Love that too! :) Thanks Chef E!

Chef E said...

I have fun playing with words. Does not always work, or win me a Pulitzer prize, but hey, I tried...can't say I did not try LOL

Jim K. said...

A little nonsense with
the sense is yummy! Cloves
in the ham, coarse salt on a bagel.
Any excuse to say syzygy!! :-)
Wit needs loose.

I talked about Donald Trump's
hair just so I could say bandicoot.

Jim K. said...

Kay Ryan gets by OK playing
with words. Just keep the
rapier moving.

Chef E said...

Heh Jim I looked up rapier wit, since you used that word before, and found "How else does Woody Allen get laid" LOL

I could call my newest performance piece 'The Sword'. Intense jab at my sister.

Chef E said...

Sometimes I have nothing to say, to you or myself, so I speak Alien...just to keep the voice warmed up for when the rapier wit strikes!

Jessie Carty said...

I can hear Spain in here. The music :)