Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Most Amazing Life

Update- I am just such a happy camper right now. Not much time for writing- some here and there. Guitar Lessons and exploring other open mic venues to change it up a bit. Last night Dennis did a slide guitar with my Texas Skies poem, and Alan Bradford came out to Grovers Mill as well. He is a singer/songwriter who co-wrote with such people as Harry Chapin. He is from New Jersey, but lives down south now, and contacted me via my website on meetup to ask if I could find him some open mics to play.

Did I say he was Amazing? Wow- you can tell the seasoned players from the living room folks, but hey we all have to start somewhere!

Karl Dentino has the coolest guitar- he plays old rag time music and said he is enjoying his popularity, and is playing a whole lot around the area now. He was my FIRST open mic musician and has been faithful since- Thanks Karl (a preview of his cool guitar below).

I will be playing an open mic tomorrow, forgot the name, down south with Flora Newberry, my guitar teacher and her boyfriend Mike Riley, an awesome duo. Will take some footage of both nights and upload it onto my youtube!

Take care, and hope you all are doing fantastic!


Toon said...

That is one bad-ass looking guitar!

Just telling it like it is said...

Good for you! carpi deim...Live for today!!!