Friday, June 4, 2010

Butterflies and Hansons

A few days ago I emailed some of you sharing my photos of the cool moth I had never seen before. However I had a dream of when I was young with my brother and sister. Alton had found one and I remember feeling it's papery and fuzzy body and wings. Dreams came to me, and so did 12 new poems, which I decided to make in its own book altogether- Dream Scape (could change).

Enjoy the different views taken with my phone camera-

Also a new friend from Norway, Jorgen, posted this Hanson Live Feed of the three brothers traveling together, and they are listening to my favorite band of all time, U2- The Joshua Tree. Check it out...

HNet Live Feed A few of us in the blogsphere love them, especially my daughter Anelisa. She would say that Zac who took his photo with her in the DFW Airport, was HOT! for a boy...

A Side View of this male- You can tell by his fuzzy antennas and shoulder markings, a female is thinner black line and less on her antennas- They are endangered so do not try and capture them. Rare to see one during the day, as I believe this one is resting as he is looking for his second mating for the year- they have two mating cycles in Jersey area.

Now A poem I am working on, from Dream Scape Series...


A Luna was to the side of a big doorway, resting
By the shape of weight it carried, a male looking

for his mate, a moth on the shoulders
of Earth, nature and the north east winds

up and down coastal sands and byways, my way
imagine his enormous lime-green wings

four inches, as big as an adult male was meant
Fluttering back and forth from the light to the dark

each day holding onto the florescent light, reflected
Paper wings filled with colorful strands, like

costumes in a celebration with fuzzy antennas proudly
displayed as it is studied here on the brick

holding up a house, up the door frame
leading into a home full of many generations

stemming from attraction of strength and beauty
Determination to survive, endangered


Katherine said...

Hey there Elizabeth... this was a beautiful poem! There is so much inspirational beauty in this world & you found some for sure.
I have never seen a green moth before, let alone a green moth with wings like that! Amazing!
Great post my friend... Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

queerlefty said...

Can I just say your daughter had excellent taste? Zac is looking better every day. will re-broadcast a series of concerts in the coming days, and I'm planning to catch them all, even though that means I'll have to stay up for most of the night, five nights in a row. You can watch the shows live from the link, if you have the time.

I watched them play through the entire 'Middle of Nowhere' album last night, and I was struck by just how much I love this band. I didn't allow myself completely to be a Hanson fan back in '97, for reasons I've explained on the blog, but I've made up for it in later years. Last night's concert had me squealing in sync with the audience, and 'With You in Your Dreams' actually made me all teary-eyed.

Can't wait for tonight's show!

farmlady said...

Beautiful photos and poem. I would call the poem..."Endangered". You know why...
Wonderful post.