Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Farmlady How You Tempt Me

I found an orange friend at the market I can live with! At least it fits my eating low fat...

Only 60 calories, and Mandarin Orange, as you know orange is my favorite color and flavor!

Wandering through the store wanting something to subside my nausea (long story, but I had a bought with my kidney, and staph infection) and hunger for something sweet, a thought hit me..."I wonder if they have some small container of intense orange sherbet or sorbet"? Well as I explained to hubby, I quit buying the larger and rather cheap plastic containers of orange sherbet years ago. Why? I would eat a few bowls, small ones at that, and then it would sit forgotten in the freezer.

See I am a picky sweet eater. I only want a taste of something now and then, I even have a flourless chocolate cake sitting in the fridge hubby bought for my birthday this week. After one small piece I was done with it. Yes, I need someone to package, what I like, into small containers. So I can enjoy a bite now and then, and not worry about it going bad. Once sherbet has been opened and sits, with the freezer door opening and closing, after time gets ice crystals and it affects the flavor. I do not like regular ice cream. Nope only eat it once in a blue moon (been a year since my bacon ice cream).

See I told you I was picky!

I found something- oh Julie, how you have made me so happy!

A box with four small bars of Mandarin delights- Julie's Organic Sorbet Bars. I ate one today after my quinoa and zucchini lunch when we returned from the gym (my trainer kicked my butt again).

Julie's Organics, where have you been all my life?

Oh and to explain the title- Farmlady has been experimenting with goat's milk ice cream and made chocolate. She claims it was not that great, but the photo said otherwise!

Farmlady you temptress with your chocolate photo!

I cannot show you the sorbet bar, because I ate it already, but trust me, if you have not had them before...go now, they are worth the price tag!

I know I am the one who should be creating these things, but I am not really the one with the passion to make such things- 

BTW, I am doing fine, just missed the trainer this week to stay in bed, on strong, feeling much better. Let's just say I remember now why I am not suppose to drink caffeine- Evil drug that gives you false energy, and is addictive. Twenty years had passed since I had it so much in one week. I was trying to keep up with working out everyday, and my work.

If you can go without drinking it, you must try...


Controlling My Chaos said...

I'm going to try those. Thanks for the tip.

Toon said...

Ben and Jerry's has cake batter ice cream now -- with chunks of chocolate frosting. I haven't tried it but I dream about it.

farmlady said...

Ice cream can always look pretty in the right bowl and with the right lighting. Trust me. That chocolate goat milk ice cream was not good.
I will keep trying and I will also try your Mandarin Delights but I'm really focused on finding the best recipes for goat milk, as you know.
Take care of yourself.

Jessie Carty said...

glad you are feeling better :)

i just bought some frozen fruit bar kind of things to try and keep the saturated fat down in the house!!