Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I have to show off more than a brownie!

This seems more like a 'Blue' themed post once you see it all...

Ahhh, I fought the traffic and I won- The Jersey Shore.

Lunch with my friend Adrienne- tuna salad platter, we shared, and then a walk on the boardwalk! this photo below was quite a challenge taking it without small children hopping from rock to rock on this jetty. I guess the parents could care less if the sudden up whisk of the waves hitting the rocks blew them out to sea! Maybe they had their heads in the sand or a good book. I will refrain from bikini watching jokes, since I have never cared, nor wore one in my life!

Hubby does not like driving in the long traffic lines in the summer that lead to the beaches, but I feel this is worth it. Now I have a friend who loves it too!

The air was filled with sounds of the waves, crowds bottle necked near Pier Village (weddings, shops, restaurant, and hotel crowds), families and screaming kids sardined on the beach, and my own panting from all the walking, but hey I had my new blue hat on that hubby surprised me with in Florida (table in top photo), so no sun burn for me. I returned home sore and tired, but a very happy camper, or is it beach bum?

PS- My new Nikon rocks doesn't it!


farmlady said...

YES! The new Nikon rocks. Nice photos. Don't be afraid to get up close and personal. That camera will do anything you ask it to. (I don't see children in that second picture.)
Good choice on the Tuna Salad Platter. Sounds delicious.
Glad you had such a great day!

Chef E said...

That was the beauty Ms. C- the new camera has an equivalent zoom to the low end SLR! It also snaps almost as quickly, so get better photos of those 'oops, it went by so quick' moments!

I may even do a before and after weight loss photo...maybe...

Toon said...

This doesn't look like the Jersey Shore I've seen on MTV! lol