Sunday, September 26, 2010

Funny Travel Stories

I have so many funny stories to tell about my son and our travels to Spain, but I have no idea where to start. Over all we have had a great time. My son had to leave before us to go back to work, and school. I missed him the minute he kissed me goodbye.

He had a great time. His Spanish was perfect, and he learned even more. You could tell by the expressions, and the way he spoke about things- he has the travel bug, just as I did at his age. I was in France, Germany, Denmark, Amsterdam for three months when I was 24. Just before I got pregnant with his sister. Going to another country changes your whole perspective on life, along with all the other aspects that roll your way.

You can also tell the others out there who have traveled, or lived in other countries, and are great to talk with. I know not everyone can travel, and that I have been fortunate in my work and relationship to have this luxury, so I am grateful to experience it. I want this for my son, as he has said he and his new sweetie want to live in Korea for a year, and then south America.

What a great way to see the world as teachers, and I am happy for them both!

Here he is playing on the jungle gym outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain. Instantly he was drawn, as if the child I think of when I miss him reverted back. Like when I head for the swing in a playground. I wanted to just let him continue, but we had dinner reservations. At times our kids even as adults can drive us crazy, but its the times when they make us laugh, or laugh with us that are what help keep me going.

Aaron, the curtain rod fell off the wall of the hotel after you left. I heard the whole room shake when the neighbor shut their balcony door. I imagine this hotel may just fall into the wine caves if they do not figure things out...or is floor Tre just simply cursed now...

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