Thursday, November 18, 2010

Publishing Takes Work

If you have not gone over and read Bryan Borland's poetry site, you need too. He has started his own Publishing company, Sibling Rivalry Press, and is getting recognition all over the place. "Very talented young man is he"- Yoda, Star Wars...(oh okay, really me)

I wished I possessed the talent to just produce work the way he pops it out. I can at times, produce three or four in a day, then I am dry for days, maybe a week. Unfortunately they say pain can bring out a voice we never had before. He and I have tasted loss, and not a good flavor I might add

Well when he does produce something that pops off me, then I really get excited. I need many more poems for my first book, and am finding it rather difficult to admit I set the goal of 'The end of November' as my deadline for completion. I am giving myself more time. I need at least 30 or more poems for the book and I am barely halfway there. No worries, I will get it done by March. Bryan told me not to edit so much, and I felt like..."Wow does he have a camera in my living room"? Yes, I tend to redo my work, worried its not perfect, so I throw it out at you to see...when I can, you all will be put on the payroll! LOL or I can cook you a good meal when you come visit, or vise versa!


Bryan Borland made a milestone
marking his dad’s passing. Grill

char stains his apron, writing code,
another poem onto his life page. I

remember my own mother
wanted me to be a nurse, because

I cared so much; however
the stitches I had sewn into

my wounds are ripped open
time after time. When I begin to feel

warmth running down my knees
forming a puddle at my two left feet;

its reflection leaves me faint
at the sight of my own blood.


Jessie Carty said...

and sometimes the first draft (I assume more of a first draft) just work :) - like here!

Chef E said...

I changed the beginning today- but feel its finished yes! Thanks JC!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Knowing when to stop redrafting is incredibly hard - I got to a viable stopping-point with my novel, in the end (though I found *two* more typos that I need to fix...), but it was slow.

PS cheeky request, but any chance of you transferring your kind words about my work to a review on Amazon? You know I'll return the favour one day! :)

Toon said...

Don't change a word!