Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Done

I have finished my second manuscript. Some of it was a little forced, but Pasquale has a majority of the work done, so be it. I did what could be done. We will meet today, organize it and turn it in to the publisher. Now we have to decide what the cover will be. There have been jokes going around about a photo being taken with the two of us in fig leaves, like Adam and Eve of sorts. He eighty, and me overweight and fifty. Yeah that one works. I had thought of a cartoon characteture being a funnier design. We will see.

I have been continuously plagued by allergies; headaches, wheeziness, itchy, and hard to breath stuffiness this spring, so its been a challenge to concentrate on writing, especially if I have to take medication. I am hearing its hard on many people. Thanks to so many great friends for their inspirations and support these past few months.

Oh I almost forgot to add a poem from the book, a small preview of something I have written. When I listen to people's reaction at the title of the book 'One Hundred and Fifty Years of Love' many people will share a love story, and this one sparked a poem.

Back When I Was Fifteen
as told to me by Marybeth Carshaw-Stinson

The taste of the ocean upon your lips
the kiss I had longed for
a love so new
in a place so old, Asbury Park
at the top of the old Ferris wheel
where for years lovers had watched
the sea and skies
from canopied cars that reached the stars
we were as high as the clouds
as free as the gulls
and I will never forget, my love
being on top of the world with you.


keri said...

AWESOMENESS! I had no idea you were about to be published. Congratulations. Now I know where you've been.

I got the water system. It was sitting on the front porch which we do not use, so not sure how long it was out there. Thank you so very much. I'm going to love it.

Be in touch. Keri

Chef E said...

I carry my pitcher all over the house now, since I feel guilty about plastic water bottles piling up in the recycle bin in our house and the neighborhood.

I turned in another manuscript to a publisher and I guess he is waiting to announce the four publishees for next stressful...but if I do not get it, I know many people have been writing for a lot longer than I, and I have so much to learn. Patience is one of them LOL

Jessie Carty said...

Patience is huge! I'd probably play with the linebreaks again on this one. I think even shorter lines are calling to me. Also the image of being up in the clouds might be a little bit cliche. I know we all fight with that! :)

Chef E said...

I see it Jessie, will work it out tonight, gosh and I already printed out a hard copy of the manuscript ARGH I am having labor pains again...

Debbie said...

At some point, don't you just have to let them go? :) I love that it is someone's love story! Wonderful E! And best wishes with the publisher! Please let us know asap, okay? I want to celebrate you! <3

Toon said...

(and I don't mind the cloud line at all)

Chef E said...

Toon and Debbie, doesn't it make you remember your first kiss? :) I think we all had our heads in the clouds at 15 LOL