Sunday, January 2, 2011

'Follow Me' or you will...

When we begin blogging do we realize what a commitment it can become? We notice others who come over and make comments, so often we begin to follow them. After a while, at times around a year or so we drop off from site. Not because we do not like them, but because we realized there are so many in our readers, ques, or even in our email.

Jessie Carty speaks often about how she tries to keep up with her in box que, but can only follow the people who come make comments on her site, but that does not seem fair (not reality I know). When I follow someone I have done it because I really enjoy ALL of them. So I try and get to them all at some point and time. Even the ones who are following me. If I show up out of now where I hope they realize I am lurking, and try to find time to say hello now and again...

While spending some down time today going to my followers sites, I decided to go back to one in particular, The Impression That I Get. She has only begun blogging for the past year, so I decided to go to the very beginning and go all the way through her post. Why? I am not sure, I guess curiosity. I genuinely care about people. Through the years, good or bad experiences, I like to know about people. What makes them tick, and if I can learn from their experiences or journey in life.

Why did I pick her...she mentions 'loss' in a post. To be nosy I guess. Since I have experienced loss, maybe I will learn something.

Try it, and tell me what you learned, or felt, or see, or whatever floats your boat...I also may begin doing this once a month, highlighting a blog for you to visit...more human interest and creative than food.

JL Snyder is an Alabama girl (southern like me), cares about people (notices homeless woman and writes observations), sports, writes about trying new things like movies she would not normally watch, TV shows, and so much more. She also remembers peoples birthdays and what they like. See she cares...but I have so much more to read...

(Photo above is property of JL Snyder, and from her Day 49 post...hope she did not mind me borrowing it...)


Patty said...

Love your post. I am one of those who dropped out, because when you edit as many photos as I do, once you are done, you don't want to look at the computer. I try sometimes, but my eyes are seeing double after editing sometimes up to 100 photos per assignment. Yes, I retired, but ended up as the Chamber photographer and went from the daily newspaper to our weekly, plus I keep up the blog to promote the town. And boy, is all that work. In-between that, emails come flooding in on my BlackBerry. I accidentally sent it to the dump where it was crushed, and 3 months after getting a new one, I accidentally wrapped it up in the sheets and it went through two wash cycles. Needless to say, I had to get another one. I now wonder if I am subliminally trying to get rid of it. Ding, ding, ding. I hear that in my sleep.

Anyway, there is always time to think of my old blogging friends, especially the FSO members, and I do think of you and all the fun we had, so I guess that counts for something. I tend to spend more time with emails than I do posts, so keep in touch.

Have a good 2011!

Happy New Year, gal!

Jessie Carty said...

I'm still struggling with getting to all the blogs I want :( I also link through on facebook and twitter as much as I can to people I admire but whom don't necessarily come to my blog. I wish i could start using google reader again but I know I'd get behind and feel frustrated! My new system is working ok so I funk I made the right, albeit difficult, choice :)

Katherine said...

It is difficult trying to keep up with everything that life throws at us! Not just speaking of the blog world but life in general. I feel guilty at times because I simply don't have the time to read as much as I would like & keep up with everyones blog.
I just wanted to stop by & wish you and your family all the very best for an amazing 2011.
Know that although I may not visit all the time, that I too am still lurking and will endeavour to pop by! Happy New Year Elizabeth x

Chef E said...

Funny how comments are coming out about blogging, but nothing about finding blogs big deal, we all feel guilty...oh well...I do what I can!

farmlady said...

I find that I can't get to everyone all the time. I try to catch up on the days that I don't post, like today, but even then I have other things to do and sometimes I just need a break from the routine. It's all right to read and not comment but if they are good blogging friends you need to try and leave something that lets them know that you read their post.
The hard part is not taking on new blogs. There are so many good ones out there.
It just shouldn't be a chore. If you feel obligated to everyone you will implode and stop blogging. That would not be good....

Katherine said...

Dear Elizabeth .. I believe it's a given that a majority of us blog for the enjoyment of it.
Since discovering Blogger at the close of 2009, I have rediscovered a part of me that I had thought had long disappeared. I gain great enjoyment out of reading what others have written and believe that blogging forums such as blogger are responsible for breaking down the barriers created by distance, time and for some isolation.
I think what we are trying to say is that real life often creates a barrier that prevents us from being the boggy friends we really would like to be.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I know what you mean, it's so hard to keep up with all the posts by everyone that you'd like to read. Sometimes it's good to take time to read a blog in depth :)

Jim K. said...

Hi, E! perhaps the degree that
you are fascinated with the lives
and blogs is an indication of how
empathy multiplies the life we
can live. I have trouble keeping
up with all of it.

framlady: I have actually witnessed
implosions in blogging, including
a big one in poetry types. Some who
remain are of a grand broadcasting
type. Others (like us I suspect)
of the gregarious / ADD type
can't help always doing something.
Like forums, some things boom
and others fade and it isn't clear
why. I just try to keep an
explorer's POV. A goal for 2011
is to move out along the links
at a rationed pace...