Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nighthawks by Jim Knowles

I have been wanting to talk about this delightful book I purchased a few weeks ago. Not just because he is a new poet friend, but because this book is fun. Insightful. No fancy artwork, just a white book, with lots of shorts to ponder. Great to have around to spark inspiration. Clear out those moments of blank thoughts. Okay I have senior moments. Some call it writers block.

Here are a few examples of his work. Jim says it best, "radiates a supernova of the unsaid"...visit his site to purchase your copy! Ribbon of Intonations, take a look around at his great pics and information.

Parking Lots

Pass the trails gate,
a large parking lot,
this end barely used,
except for leaf races.

I feel that we always have things we think in our heads, but often, there is no one around to hear these clever thoughts. Pieces of maybe a greater puzzle. Pieces lost. Jim however has kept them like little notes to oneself, and then collected them in Nighthawks. Gems. I like Gems.

This is one of my favorites, well, because of the bitter cold going on outside right now...


luck smiled down on me.

I forgot to watch
as it started to sneer.


Jim K. said...

Thank you for picking faves..
..that's crucial guidance.

Funny you should mention lost
thoughts. A project engr. at
Bell Labs pinned a long-distance
billing record spec. I wrote
up as 'poetry'..wha?
I was just trying to be clear.
When my kids used to repeat
things back to me I said, that
began the earnest effort to write
it down. So as not to forget..

Jim K. said...

..and yes: they are more about
stimulating thoughts and other poems
than being the end!

Chef E said...

They change from day to day, week to week, like they are psychic and fit the moments whim...but yet they change the mood- is that possible?

Jim K. said...

Ah: that's a tinge of ambiguity
built in, so your mind has
to cheat and insert its own
meaning in. So...they read
differently different times
(not the majority of them..
not easy)

Debbie said...

I am amazed at Jim's work! :) Thanks for picking some to share here E!