Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome My Friends...

Where the party never ends...oh something like that...a song in my head, but the lyrics escape me...circus tents should be left up all around for the curious...

Photo compliments of Jim K... and it brought on a poem prompt idea...add yours if ya like!

Worth Every Penny

Listen to the silence rumble
like subways trains
beneath your feet
stirring the subconscious

in early morning they come
more frequently in summer
yards are packed
with weekend people

eyeing potential
potentially lonely when
snow and rain drape
every inch of space

bringing beauty to the eye
combined with the quiet
noise felt in the bones
a surreal symphony rises

playing to those who chose
whose time slows down
a gift a feast
Faustian settings


Jim K. said... a lot of wordplay
and sounding!

I'm pondering a competition
with some of my pics. Piles of
good stuff on the flashdrives.

Chef E said...

I would enter! I tried to order your book last night, need to try again...

I often wonder though if photo prompts play over into the poem if you did not see the pic...hmmm

blueviolet said...

I always enjoy reading your poetry, and this was no exception!

Debbie said...

Gosh Chef . . .yours is sooo good. I don't know if anything else will appeal to me or not, after reading yours with that photo! ha!
Loved reading through YOUR posts today and catching up with you. :) And I will think about that photo and see what I can come up with. I love photo challenges! Thank you for letting me know. :)

Chef E said...

Jim- then end could also read...

'Faustian setting for hoarders', or

'Faustian hoarder setting', and would work without the pic, if read aloud you can see it's imagery!

Deb- when you can, when you can, I understand how busy you are!

Debbie said...

Ah Chef . . .not that busy. Just spastic. haha! I need time management classes. ;)

Gathered together
no shame in being put out
and the view up . . .wow.

Oh, that comment on divorce over at my blog. . .I didn't read the articles he sent. ! Sometimes I just don't know what to say to people or what they mean. I didn't want to not accept his comment, so I hope no one is offended or hurt by it. Tried to just be gracious and thank him. :)

Thank you! Enjoying getting to talk to you today! :)

Chef E said...

No worries Deb- we all have our own opinion...I do not think it will offend anyone, just opens up our minds!

what a great short!

Jim K. said...

Was the book at the link?
I fear I have an easier time
buying as a shopkeeper..
Let me know if there are any
tips to be passed on.

I have a favorite phrase in
one of my poems, I think:
"faustian bargain hunt"..
it's been rattling in the head
since I saw the show "Bargain Hunt"
on PBS (BBC origin: they compete
buying at auctions an selling to
antique stores)..
Interesting resonance!

Chef E said...

ordered it Jim, and its in the mail!

I like that, Faustian Bargain Hunt! Now that would have fit my ending...

Just telling it like it is said...

Ones trash another's treasure

Jessie Carty said...

what fun! and now i see what you are talking about :) Maybe Jim will want to share a photo for my wednesday prompt some time?

Particularly enjoy the 3rd stanza as someone who had to spend a lot of time with her parents going to yard sales and flea markets!

Toon said...

You mention subways in the poem, but the picture gives me very rural feelings. Weird.