Monday, June 4, 2012

Art and Poetry

Days go, and then go by faster and faster.

Man what rain we have been getting lately. The weather really is on again, off again. Hot, cold, and humid. Now it is chilly and rainy. Which I don't mind. I prefer chilly over humid and hot.

This weekend the family and I took a drive (and I gave them no choice) up north to an art gallery. I was asked to cover an artist we had the privilege...we? Z-composition published a wonderful artist in February's issue, Jim Fuess. His work has spanned over 38 years. Sadly he has cancer and doesn't know how long he has exactly, to live. He is showing and selling his work as much as possible. His work is splendid. Hubs and I and son saw several pieces we would love to own, but this family is not in the market anymore. If we had the house once had in Dallas, we might have purchased one.

Then, we drove to Jersey City for the Carnival Festival and for me to meet with an established and academic poet. I took a portfolio of work for him to read and discuss. We went over punctuation and other structures I have issues with. I'm always torn over form and this and that. He and I may meet again, but he felt my work was progressing, and my newer work I printed for him was very good. He told me not to worry and to just keep writing.

Here is a link to two new pieces recently published-

'I'd Rather Death By Chocolate'  (last piece on the bottom)

'Not Cowboys and Zombies'

My work appeared in another journal, but I wasn't happy with how they presented poetry. You could barely find anything after the first page. I'll just let it go. I'm going to be pickier about who I submit from now on, and have sent out quite a lot of SASE subs. Crossing my finger on those. I got one rejection, well two, but the last one, I knew why they did not take it. I have to be careful about waiting and revising a bit more.

More is coming. I am in a few print journals. One features previously published work. I had a poem a few years ago appear in a LGBT journal. You have to be really open minded to read that print journal. I'm laughing, but I read this piece at an open mic and jaw's were on the floor. Scandalous, I know!

Have a great week. I am going on a journey soon, with a friend from Texas, and my birthday is coming up. Lots to do and to write about in the next few weeks! Me time is good time.

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