Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Take A Bite

I'm so hungry for this guy, even his shoe leather would taste good right now...

This is a tribute to Anthony Bourdain. A very rough draft, but revised once since I posted on Jessie Carty's Make Friday Write.

Acid Notes Of Parsley And Paramount

       There was a time, before my career as a chef
       when teeth were barred on gravel and grit
       prairie wild, and wild game guesses
       boots didn’t slide so well
       and  the back of a spoon...meant lessons learned
       adventure was only a dream; then...

Bourdain rides into wide angle lenses
smoking hot, off death row requests
with back stage laughter and cooling engines 
still left gunning
to fulfill a wish, ‘live as an Englishman’

where protestant notions collect  
kindling abroad those traditional fires
questions surrounded slippery rims
as menus begin flying over courtyards
the simple answers are seasonally deep fried
after crawling back from an abyss

cross over stardom is the password
guns are cocked as the crew circle spits
word for word notions fly hungry above
scenes from the other side knock down back doors
trains never fail- rolling in with supplies in hand

blood cake comes out warm and under temp
unborn chicks slide in over easy
and are served in a sea of guilty pleasure
always floating on top with skirts jacked high
to ease slow rides downtown

pressure mounts as “chef is a cold man” death whispers
beaten and cramping and changing the days cuisine
a sprinkle of parsley is thrown and soars high
refreshing over the shoulder wishes
landing on everything left in his wake.

If you have no idea who 'Bourdain' is, well get No Reservations!

I want this to go somewhere and not sure I like some of the angles...

Okay your turn to speak...

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nice cinnamon roll tip at the other blog. have you taken comment-capacity off?