Saturday, May 5, 2012

Give me give me give me!

I woke up to a great gift today, photos of my father's mothers grandfather were posted on my genealogy site- say hello to James Alfred Estill. I had always heard my father looked like him, but don't remember seeing family photos, other than the immediate family growing up. I also haven't been able to find out information until other distant relatives began posting, on that side of the family. They remain a mystery, or at least Mammaw Estill does. I see my son's, which looks like my father in this mans face.

I thought it was quite funny he had made several of these 'photograph postcards' to send to his family. I had never seen them before.

Hubs also came home from a work trip out of town with a gift. He can be thoughtful when he wants. I appreciate all he does for our household. I got a new 'bear claw' back scratcher, which is an inside joke, but it is so cute. He used it to avoid getting out of bed to turn off the light on his side, so see it already came in handy! Everyone should have a 'bear' around.

Another gift...I found a journal which encourages people with disabilities to submit their writing. Some of you know about my disabilities and my struggles to deal with them as an artist and writer and even in everyday job task. It is refreshing to find a place such as this to submit work. It has to be related to their subject material, so it gave me a change to pass on my newest chapbook project...and low on the totem pole of publishing I want to do, but 'Avocado Green Kitchen With A Gold Accented Childhood' came in handy. Three of the prose fit their criteria, so I hit 'send' this morning.

I have submitted lots of work these past few months, and been accepted to a few and still waiting on others. Some waiting times can be up to six months, but Referential and The RePrint should be up by the end of this month as well as my two books sometime this summer. Waiting is the hardest part.

Oops! One rejection and from a facebook friend I didn't realize until I saw the name again. Curious they wrote "nothing here to buy which interests me"...a curious rejection. Not painful. A funny thought, what if the disability journal rejects me. I'm not even good enough to be broken...kidding!

Hope your all having a wonderful week, as am I! Peace all...


Jeanne said...

You have so much energy!

Pearl said...

heh, been turned down by a woman's journal. does that make me man?