Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Very Cool Spring Day

Rainy Days and the Mundane

Cracking thunder moved across the five am sky
waking me up early today. The window amplified

its peal. Left open after letting my son hang out to
smoke. The neighbor spoke out to him while she too

stood on our patio inhaling tobacco and cool
air before bedtime. And we laughed as he

pretended to jump, ending it all; warned
he would only break his legs, starting at his feet

maybe all the way up in such a way he
would be stuck with Mom Nightingale. A nurse

who might not be so kind to a veteran of
risk taking- a kid who was impatient in memory;

hastily climbing up chairs and tables and ladders, stepping
over slick newspapers to reach the counter, for

a cereal bowl, because hunger slowly streamed in
a childhood window that morning with bird songs.

(We spent one of his age three days in the ER over that broken collar bone...now he is into rock climbing)

I am not sure what we are looking up at in the photo, maybe adverts, in hubs random snap shot of a subway ride while in NYC, but I cut off either side's rider to protect the innocent. Yep, he and I are dangerous suburb mice trying to blend in with fast pace city mice. Which makes me realize why I love Farm Lady's (Over Good Ground) post so much...takes me to a place where I long to be.

I like the city and my surroundings here in Princeton, but I want to go back to rural life of my youth. Hear that son? It's what he (we all do) misses about St. Louis. One minute your in the city mouse mood and next it is a country mouse's life.

This all circles back around to my beautiful view out the bedroom (back patio as well) window. I'm not crazy about the light which comes in when the shades are left up, but the rain, thunder and steady view of lush ever greens takes me back...and inspires.

And we say 'la vie' to National Poetry Month...


farmlady said...

Very interesting photo! I love that you are both looking up, in the same direction.
Love the poem too. The connection to his childhood is wonderful and true.
Nice post.
I wish I could give you the sounds of this California foothill morning to drowned out the subway noises, but each is unique to its own locale. There is good to find in any place.
Farmlady (overgoodground.blogspot.com)

Chef E said...

LOL Actually no subways, just thunder early this morning, but now the sun is out, birds are chirping, cars passing over off the main road and my son talking as he cooks us lunch. His day off :)