Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Important Things

What a crazy time I have had the past three days...too funny for words in many ways...

I had two clients back to back this week, and a long drive to the latter. One party was near the shore. What a beautiful day it was. I was running, and I am tired. I had insomnia the past three nights, got in late last I'm up since 3:30 Am. I wish the clock could be turned back to my son's age...he goes to bed late, and gets up for a 4, 5, and 6 Am work schedule. Today is a day for rest. Not really, I have lots to do.

My best memory is not the food or wine, but the precocious four year old whom decided we should hang together. She kept calling me Chef E Elizabeth. Adorable! Both clients have the cutest daughters. Good practice for down the road...being a grandmother.

Working on a regular basis has really been fun, more than work. I was not meant to sit with idle hands. Friends are really coming through for me as well. I had a visit with a girl who had moved away, but returned, and sadly is moving once again.  The economy has really hurt so many people with job cutbacks and not hiring due to lack of money.

On a positive note, I have been accepted in another journal. This time it was photos I had entered. A file full of them have been waiting. I'm waiting as well; it seems all four journals I have been accepted the past few months have not gone to print or been uploaded yet...a few will be at the end of this month...or at least should be. My poetry book is due soon as well. The waiting game never ends...

Speaking of son surprised me with a gift on Mother's Day. It was his birthday as well, and with my birthday coming was a surprise! A surprise because he has never bought me anything. No big deal, as we put more value in spending time together and a phone call over material things. It is a lovely gift I will treasure.

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