Friday, May 25, 2012


Ever go back
vacation photos
and not remember;

some things
most things
along the way.
But luckily the place it was taken

will never neglect memory.

Isn't this image spectacular- shadows
thrown against the wall
paths bring them to us.
Imagine being there,

under the perfect night sky.
At first arrival
the front desk said "lake view";
excitedly and rushing to the room;

to witness
daylight filled landscape,
and mingled with construction.
If each live or inanimate object

were placed in others path
no matter the day
the place,
time and order would represent

We would simply touch it
to retrieve
and place it into our mental boxes.


Jessie Carty said...

Fun! I have so many photos from trips that I don't recall!! Might be fun to reinvent what was going on in them via writing :)

Pearl said...

vacations, daily,...I google a writer and find out I took photos and made a glowing report a couple years ago to have nothing recalled, even re-reading it. But presumably no one has hacked my blog and emulated my photo style.