Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Word For Our Sponsor...

I would like to express my dislike for the 'New Blogger' look. I can't find anyone's post like the old version which had it all organized. Inever want to use google reads, and pooey on them for thinking this new look helps me in any way!

At least you know I come purposefully to look for and read your blogs.

Here are a few pics to go with my post about Jim Fuess and a few of his pieces of art...sprinkled with hubs and son looking on...'Art and Poetry'

When my article comes out in Lamplighter Magazine, I will also post a link...if there is one. It is a print magazine for arts, music, and culture (including poetry) in New Jersey. Not sure if I told you, but they are paying me for freelance and invited me to be a featured poet in the near future.

I also got another two acceptance emails, and one was a very nice and long email about how they have followed my poetry and feel the latest I have submitted is the very best so far. I am still humbled, because I still have much further to go in understanding it all. The work will be up after this weekend and I will post links.

Love and thank you all for your support!

Also I would like to say RIP Murphy. Call me silly, but I have only cried for a few of our pets over the years, but Farm Lady @ Over Good Ground lost a beloved goat. I will miss her post about his activities. I love goats. Always have. One day I will publish my children's story about a very special goat I spent a summer with. She would climb in my car and ride around the farm with me. Sigh.

and here is more...

...hubs and son really liked the showing.

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